Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oral training...

Reading Neo Dom Tom's blog gave me the idea of setting My slut's new training goal. She is doing very good with the flogging, so now it is time to start her on training her to be able to take my cum in her mouth. It is a limit that she says she wants to get past for me, and it is time she starts working on it.

She says she wants to do it, but everytime I mention it she says "not right now." Well the time is now to get to work on it. I will let her take it slowly. Just a little taste at a time, but she needs to do it a couple times a week until she is comfortable enough with it to be able to keep sucking me while I'm cumming. I hate when she stops just as I start cumming. It isn't near as good as cumming while being sucked. I love the feeling of my cum being sucked from me. She can spit it out at first, but eventually I will want her to swallow. It is probably my biggest turn on of all. Plus I think it will be another way she can submit to my will, by doing something only for my pleasure.

Wish me luck that it will happen within a month.


  1. William,

    I found that letting it pool up in the front of my mouth then swallowing was easier to begin with than it just being shot down my throat.


  2. I actually find the opposite of what Serenity says to be true! If I let it collect where I can taste it, it actually starts to get a bit gross for me and it makes it harder to swallow. If I let it shoot back, it goes down without much effort.

    That being said? I still remember choking on it several times when I was first learning and I did have to learn how to deal with it without letting it choke me.. As you said, let her take it slow. She'll figure it out on her own. :)

  3. William--I would suggest you read about it together online too. there are a number of websites out there that have useful tips. If you read together, you might find some helpful things to talk about and agree on.

    I will keep you up to date on my efforts as well. I plan to have lizard take a load next month.

  4. I must also add, though I don't know you, we do have quite a lot in common. This is kind of fun.

  5. We do seem to have a bit in common don't we. We both have wives just learning about the things we want to do. Learning something totally new to them.