Saturday, March 26, 2011

A dream caning...

I lay her down on the bed on her stomach and tie her arms to the head board. I don't want her squirming away from me. I grab the cane and begin to lightly tap her sweet ass with the tip. I move all over her ass, covering both cheeks to get her properly warmed up for the marks to come. Once her ass is a nice even shade of pink I slowly stroke the left cheek with the cane, then draw back and land a hard lash across the whole cheek. She jumps and yelps in pain, trying to squirm away. I wait until she settles down and then repeat the process on the other cheek. She now has matching welts on both sides of her ass. I begin to work back and forth from cheek to cheek, leaving welts in a crossing pattern all over the smooth flesh of her ass. I stop to run my tongue over the rising welts, soothing them with the wet warmth.

I then once again start caning her ass. This time with quick lighter strikes that are more to sting than to mark. She writhes all over the bed, unable to stay still. I don't stop until I see the tears begin to fall from her eyes. That is what I need from My slut. Her pain for my pleasure.

I put the cane down and, spreading her legs, I pull her up to her knees and slide my hard cock into her wet cunt. She gasps at the quickness that I plunge into her. No gentle entry this night, I need her bad and my hunger is aroused. I grab her hips and begin to pound into her. Making her gasp and moan from the assault of my hardness. I command her to cum on my cock, and she shudders as her wetness covers me. I feel her cunt spasm on my cock as she cums. Her gripping cunt pulls the orgasm out of me, and with one final lunge, I shoot my hot load into her molten wetness. Our juices mixing to make an elixir of passion. I collapse on top of her as we both lay there panting.

I eventually pull out my softening cock as our juices run out of her swollen pussy. I kiss her neck and rub her tender ass where the bruises are starting to show. I cover us both with the blanket and lay next to her as I hold her. She will sleep tied up tonight full of my cum. I want her to wake in the morning remembering who owns her body.

I want to make this dream a reality very soon.


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