Saturday, March 12, 2011

A few spare moments...

I had about a half hour with My slut today. It was all we could sneak in while our son was playing on the computer. I did get to flog her cute ass though. She seems to be getting used to it a bit at a time. I didn't go light for very long, and gave her some pretty good licks. Of course I kissed and stroked her tender butt afterwards.

I had her suck my cock afterwards. She is getting better at it all the time. Less fear as she has the skills, just is still leary of using them. I stroked her hair and told her what a good slut she was as she sucked me.I then used her vibrator on her and made her cum really hard a few times. As she was cumming I kept telling her to give her pleasure to me. That I wanted them, and they belonged to me. I told her give me what is mine over and over as she was cumming. Her cunt got soaking wet and she came very hard. I got the tears I love so much too.

When she had enough, I had her ride me. It has been awhile since she has done that, and as she slid down on me, she had a small orgasm and I saw her shiver. I pumped up into her hard untill I unloaded into her cunt. She said it felt like I filled her up. I know it sure felt good to have such an intense orgasm. To use My slut for my pleasure. She has a very tight little cunt. I have to actually take it a bit slow at first until she gets used to it.

I am going to pick up the pace of her training. I told her today that I have been very disappointed lately with the way things have been going. She has been way to ready to tell me no, and give me all kinds of excuses like she used to. I'm not going to tolerate that any more, and she knows it.

For only having a short amount of time, we had a pretty good time today.

I'm still open to any more questions any of my faithful readers have, or even any of you new or infrequent readers.

Thank you,


  1. giving my pleasure over to Sir (like you describe above) makes me cum harder than if it were just for me... it sounds as if your wife may be the same... lovely... for both of you!


  2. I agree with SweetKK, definately makes me cum harder also.
    Sounds like you had wonderful 30 min.

  3. Sounds wonderful...

    Here's a question for you: What lessons have you learned in training your wife that you would pass on to Doms just starting down this road? Is there anything you'd do differently?