Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some teasing...

I like to tease my slut with sexy texts during the day. I sent her one yesterday saying,

"My cock would like to make an appointment with your mouth for an in-depth conversation to give you a taste of my future plans."

She was with her best friend and she just had to show it to her. She told me her friend absolutely loved it. Unfortunately last night didn't work out, but she is going to give me a blow job tonight while our son plays on the computer. She is definitely going to get a "taste" of what I am planning. I will have her clean my cock with her mouth after I cum. She has done it before and that way she isn't getting a large amount of cum at once. It just gives her a little bit to get used to the taste.

I get hard just writing this and thinking about it.

Everyone have a hot day.



  1. I would have loved it too! Very witty and amusing, on top[ of the Hawtness.

  2. I hope she thinks it is yummy...

  3. Mmmmm I love it when M sends me texts like that ...