Sunday, April 3, 2011

A bit of a rough day...

We had a bit of a rough day yesterday. As I had talked about last week, I wanted My slut to suck me after cumming. Well she put me off repeatedly until Saturday and when I asked if we were going to do anything, her response was, "Whatever." That just set me off. I'm so tired of her apathy when it comes to our relationship. I'm an all in type when it comes to loving. I want your best every time. That's what I give and I expect the same.

I got pissed and told her I was going outside to do the lawn work, and I walked out. I started mowing the lawn until I heard her calling to me out the front door for me to come inside. I begrudgingly came in although I was still steaming. She told me she wanted to do something for me.

I told her I wanted her to do as I asked earlier in the week, but she told me she couldn't because she wasn't feeling well. She took her medicine the night before. The one that makes her not feel well. Knowing My slut, I know that she put me off all week until Saturday so she could use it as an excuse to not taste my cum. She doesn't like it, but I have given her chances to back out, and she keeps saying she wants to do it, so I am not going to let her keep putting it off. She needs to either say she isn't going to swallow my cum ever, or get started getting used to it. I will not tolerate half measures any more. I put up with that for over a decade.

She ended up giving me a short blowjob until her jaw started getting sore, so I put her on her back and fucked her ample tits until I shot my load on her neck. It felt good, but I couldn'r help being a little disappointed that she didn't do what I had asked for all week. She better step up this week, put on, or take off as it were, her big girl panties, and suck my cock and swallow my cum like the slut she says she wants to be for me.

I hope you all have a hot and sexy week.



  1. William--you must start with the agreement. Has your wife committed to doing everything you wish? Have you discussed limits, if there are any? You need to have a very clear understanding--both of you--about what you are doing.

    If you do and it includes cum sucking, you can get your way but you still have to be loving about it She is making a huge sacrifice for you, and although she is your slut and therefore is supposed to sacrifice for you, you still need to treat her with respect and love. She is not an object.

    One thing that works very well for me is that while I ask my lizard to do what I would expect her to consider outrageous things, I am always extremely polite and a complete, though firm, gentleman with her. I never get angry. I give her advance notice. I will e-mail, for example, "My dearest sweetest lizard: On Saturday you will suck my cock until I cum in your throat. I love you with all my heart, my precious darling." Then I will remind her a few times during the week, and ask her to respond by test or e-mail. For example, "Don't forget, my angel, on Saturday you are to swallow my cum. Please be ready for me." Then on Friday or so, I will send her something like this:

    "I" told you Saturday you will be swallowing my cum. Are you ready, my naughty little slut?"

    If she does not acknowledge, I will keep pushing until she does, just to make her buy in.

    Then when Saturday comes, we will start our lovemaking. I may rub her back, and I will kiss her gently all over. At some point I will simply say, "it's time, my darling, for you to swallow my cum like a good girl."

    If things aren't right, I will put it off. Usually they work out, rarely she is not feeling well or something so we skip and do it later. But I always go back to it.

    It sounds like you got angry, but it's not really something you should be angry about it. she may be your lovely slut, but she is still human, and you need to have an agreement. If you have the agreement, and it is truly voluntary, ask her why she is agreeing. Later when she backs out you can remind her of her reasons. I always also tell my lizard I love the way she sucks my cock (because I do), so she gets lots and lots of sincere praise. It amazes me how far she will go if I am just polite, loving, sincere and firm.

    Good luck! I hope you do not find any of my comments offensive.

  2. I wasn't angry at her for not wanting to taste my cum, I got angry with her apathetic attitude. Refusal I can deal with. She knows I won't force her to do anything, but apathy about me is unacceptable. She knows this, but gets lazy about it sometimes. My small outbursts actually are like a wake up to her. I don't yell at her or act out, I just walk away. She always apologizes afterwards for making me feel that way and it usually re-focuses her to realize she has upset me.
    I will never be offended by an honest attempt to help me. You said nothing offensive in the least.

    Thank you for your concern and interest.