Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little Monday fun...

My slut was supposed to be gone all day, but she wasn't feeling well in the morning so she cancelled her plans and stayed in bed with me. Although I did have to get up to take the boy to school. On only 3 1/2 hours sleep. I came home and went back to sleep and she woke me up when she draped her leg across mine. She never does this, so I knew she was feeling "frisky".

She leaned over to me and said good morning with a smile. I started letting my fingers roam around her nether regions. She looked at me and said I could use  my flogger on her if I wanted. She has offered to let me use it everytime we've had sex for the last few weeks. She doesn't seem to be so shy about it anymore.

I started out by giving her a massage first. It always relaxes her. She laid across the bed while I stood at her head. I was able to really whip both sides of her ass this way. She had always kinf of laid on her side so I could only really hit her right cheek. I really gave her a good flogging. The only thing I don't like about this flogger is it doesn't make her ass red hardly at all. I like to see her ass get red. I will definitely have to get the other flogger for that.

I was flogging her pretty hard when she told me it was getting a bit intense, so I slowed down and stroked her ass with my hands and slowly drug the flogger up and down her body. After I went back to flogging her I spent more time alternating between hard and light. After a bit I told her I was going to give her some hard ones. She said OK, and I gave her about 5-6 hard lashes on each cheek before going back to lighter strokes.

I then said I wanted to use the cane for a few strokes. She agreed. I lightly tapped all over then I would give her a sharp smack. I did this all over, making stripes at different angles. They weren't that hard and the marks didn't last, but that is OK. I wanted to start getting her used to more of the cane.

After I was done with her flogging and caning, and grabbed her vibrator to make her cum. I noticed she was already a little wet, so I asked her if shw was starting to get turned on by the flogging. She told me she wasn't sure yet. I told her that was fine.

After she came to the point of tears, I entered her hard and gave her a deep fucking. Sometimes hard, sometimes gentle. I got the vibrator out again and made her cum even harder this time while I was fucking her. I could feel her cunt spasming on my cock, and I started fucking her hard as she came, until I pulled out and came all over her cunt.. That made her cum again. It turns her on when she feels me cum on her.

We were both left sweaty and breathing hard. I'm excited that she seems to be really accepting and enjoying being flogged.

What a great morning!



  1. Take it slow and be patient, but so far it sounds very good!

  2. Oh, I am. I've waited too long to mess things up now. I will make sure she keeps moving forward though.