Friday, March 18, 2011

Her Friday flogging...

I got to use my new flogger today. I love it! It makes a very nice thud on her ass. I started slow to get her used to the new sensation. She said it felt like a lot heavier impact. She wasn't sure if it was better or worse for her. I flogged her for about ten minutes alternating between heavy and light. I told her I was going to give her a hard one to see how it felt. I gave her two and she said it almost felt like a punch. She thought she was going to feel it sitting the rest of the day, but she didn't. She thinks it might bruise, she bruises easy, we'll see when I check later. All in all I really liked the flogger. Good weight and makes a nice thud. Very good balance and it feels good in my hand. I'm very pleased I got it and will definitely get the other one later.

We finished with a nice fuck after I made her cum a few times. I shot a nice load across her belly. Using the flogger always turns me on a lot. Makes me really hard.

I hope you all have a great weekend.



  1. I did have a great weekend! Sounds like you did too! We could probably both learn a lot from each other.

  2. I just bet we could. I'm in California too. Maybe we aren't too far apart. Northern or Southern Calif? I'm in Northern, though grew up in Southern.