Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I ordered my new flogger...

I can't wait to get it. It has 50 tails and should be a nice thuddy flogger. It will take a few weeks to get as they make them to order. I will give a review when I get it and try it out on My slut's ass. It is black suede with red trim. I bet it will give My slut's ass "red trim"...

I saw on some of the other blogs I read that March is the month to ask questions of bloggers. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have out there. In fact it would make me very happy to hear from you all.



  1. Very nice :D

    When you have the time to flog Your slut, is it just about the flogging and her submission? Is it just sexual? or both?


  2. wow... i'll be interested to hear about how it goes when you use it. i've not yet had an experience with one...

    good luck!


  3. What a lovely adition to your collection. I will be interested to hear how it goes. Good Luck

  4. Ooohh. I have flogger lust. Very nice.

    W says He is going to make a cat-of-nine tails to use on me. Trying to decide if he'll use actual metal tips or just knots. I hope he's kidding. I think he's kidding.I'm pretty sure he is.

    Don't I remember you mentioning in a post that you made the cuffs for your slut? Have you made any other toys?