Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quite a breakthrough...

Tonight was quite a big step. We got to have a session for the first time in a long time. She knew that I wanted to give her some good pain from our previous converstaions.

We atarted as usual with me giving her a massage. Then it was time for the flogging. I asked her if she wanted the cane or the flogger first. She said she wanted the flogger. I said want or need. She said she really needed it. I told her I was going to whip her hard tonight. I would start easy, then go harder, and switch back and forth to let her be able to handle it.

I whipped her easy for about 20 lashes, then hard for 10. Easy again for 20, then hard for 10. Then I went to 10 easy and 20 hard. I did this a few times, checking in with her occasionally making sure she was doing good. She was fine.

I gave her 20 hard lashes then went easy. She asked me if I was done and I told her I was enjoying it too much. So she said she could take another round, and I once again did 10 easy followed by 20 hard. I told her what a good slut she was and that I was proud of my good girl. She said she could take another round then, and I repeated as before, easy then hard. Going a little harder each round than the previous one. This actually went on for three or four more rounds. This was the hardest session ever by far. By the time we finished her ass was wonderfully dark pink. I felt something wet on my leg, and looking down I saw that from being so turned on from hurting My slut, my cock was streaming pre-cum like a faucet. I was so hard from whipping her ass. The harder I whipped her, the harder and more turned on I was. Pre-cum was strung all of the place on my thighs and balls.

I told her repeatedly how proud I was of My slut, and how she had surprised me tonight by how much she took. I was giving her about 75% of my strength on the heaviest lashes. She told me she had surprised herself, and that she felt no anger or residual issues from it at all. She was willing and able to continue amping things up each session from here on.

After her flogging, I used her vibe on her. She didn't want me to check her wetness, but of course I had too and told her I was going to. She was very wet of course. I used the dildo on her a little, but since it had been awhile since we did anything, it was uncomfortable for her, so I didn't use it long.

She didn't want to ask to cum, but I told her that wasn't an option. If she wanted to cum, she would have to ask. She did after I made her wait a bit, and she came very hard, gasping and on the verge of tears.

I then moved between her legs to give her the fucking she needed. I kept telling her how turned on I was, and told her how my cock was running with juices from my excitement. She asked me why I hadn't vum yet then, and I told her because I was enjoying fucking her too much to want it to end.

When she started getting sore, she asked me to please cum on her. She asked me to shoot it on her belly, but I told her no, her tits would catch my load. She said that would work.

I placed my hand on her throat and began to give her long deep strokes, letting my orgasm build. She said after a bit that it was hard for her to let me hold her throat, but I just told her to relax and trust me, and she did. She laid there and took my cock like the good little slut she is until I pulled out, and as she grabbed her ample tits and pushed then together to give me a nice target, I shot my hot cum all over her nipples. It was so intense, I felt light headed.

Afer I cleaned us both up. I again told her how proud I was of My slut. THen I changed that to My pain slut. She smiled and said she wasn't sure if she was ready for that moniker, but that she is definitely beginning to enjoy the pain more. She was reluctant to admit it, but she did without really saying it out loud.

I am so proud of My (pain) slut tonight. I see things progressing fairly quickly for awhile, but we still have a lot to work on in the submitting area.

I'm going to talk to her about having a goal of her wearing My collar by Christmas time. I think it will happen, but we will see. I already see little signs of her submitting to me in other areas of our life. I don't think she is even aware of most of them, and I'm not going to mention it yet. I don't want to make her start thinking about it, and have her get scared about giving me control like that.

What a great night, and I hope you all had a great one too. Or at least a good one.



Afterwards she asked me if we are getting away from a vanilla relationship now like I wanted, I told her we are now a "swirl".
She also said that me allowing her to let me know when she was ready for each round in her flogging made her feel like she had a little control, although she said she knew I was in control of the situation and how much she would get. More steps in the right direction.


  1. What a lucky "swirly" sub slut you have....she is a very lucky girl.

  2. Cool I'm happy for you =) Oh, and I used to call it a ripple LOL

  3. Powerful to read about your journey together. Seems to me the magic ingredients here are trust and caring. You respect each other. You don't confuse being a sadist who enjoys hurtING with being hurtFUL. A big difference. My two cents anyway!

  4. what a wonderful scene and such progress. I am truly happy for both of you

  5. slow and steady wins the race :) well done...