Thursday, August 18, 2011

Clearing up some things...

In my previous post I made comments about my disappointment in My slut's enthusiam about oral sex. I wanted to clarify a few things. While I do want her to eventually swallow my cum, at this time I just want her to give me the blowjob I know she is capable of. Back before she would even get her mouth near my cock, she would suck my fingers as if they were a cock. I can honestly say she has skills. The problem is she is just gotten herself grossed out by the thought of her tongue touching my cock.

Before anyone asks, I shower every day and I do not have a strong body odor. I keep my balls and shaft shaved so there is no hair to contend with. I think it is just her Catholic upbringing that says it's dirty and part of the body involved in the removal of waste, urine of course.

She keeps telling me she wants to be able to swallow for me, and that it really isn't the taste, but the squirting part that she doesn't like. I told her we can easily work around that, but no go. I have tasted my own cum in the past, and while not delicious, it's not nasty either. I think it just comes down to the belief that it's "dirty" is the issue.

I will never be able to get her past this point until she decides it is OK for good girls to suck cock. She says she doesn't mind doing it any more, but she won't give me her best, and that is extremely frustrating. I feel like she doesn't think I'm worth the best she can do.

I just want her best blowjob, no swallowing yet, just her best. Am I asking too much? I give her exactly what she wants every time we have sex. She gets to have her vibe and cum as many times as she wants. Maybe I need to stop doing that so she can feel how frustrating it is. I don't know. Food for thought I guess.

I look forward to your comments.



  1. You know what I think. Your disappointment is a powerful tool.

  2. I actually completely agree with not doing everything SHE wants during sex. That is a one sided situation that she has gotten used to, and may not understand the frustration involved in acting this way.

    But in my opinion as long as she still gets what she wants, there really is no incentive to change what she does. I'm sure it doesn't feel very good inside to want this so badly, so maybe if she knows how it makes you feel that would get through to her?

    hugs... dont will continue to get better and better.

  3. It matters most what YOU think about this.. not what your audience thinks.

    I'm amazed at your patience and understanding about this issue. She is so very lucky you love her so much!

    If you are constantly frustrated, perhaps she ought not to be so sexually satisfied? Seems only fair. Might that motivate her to give you what you want/need?

    Continued patience to you!~~

  4. Well why don't I give you my I don't understand your wife's reticence about worshiping cock with her mouth. I do understand the reticence, I have my own taboos that I struggle with. However, cock is clean, urine is sterile (no bugs).

    Just a question- does your wonderful and very much loved wife understand the fundemental nature of male sexuality...your sexuality? The rawness, the primal and animal nature of the male sexuality, it needs and its expression?
    Probably, I dare say, but just sayin'.

    :) L x

  5. I dont understand it, but I can empathize with it.

    What I think I was trying to get at in my last posts was that perhaps taking more control/taking away more freedom might help her.

    When I overthink too much, then I get anxious, nervous, negative and timid.

    When Master is being ... Masterful, I dont need to think, only do. It makes things simpler. There is no angst or can I/cant I... just doing.

    Perhaps this might help her too?

    I dont say what I say to be annoying or controversial, I just want to help however I can because its never fun to see a man, especially a Dom, feeling frustrated like this.


  6. Asking her to do her best is never wrong, because "all" you ask is that she makes the effort. You need to find a way to get her over that mental hurdle she's got. Are you allowed to go down on her? (i'm sure you've written, but i'm a goldfish...)In that case, ask her what the difference is.
    I wish I could tell her how beautiful it is to give someone so much pleasure, to look up through your lashes and see exactly how good it makes you feel. And in fact it brings a feeling of power. Not of the kind I have given away, but.... I don't know. The amount of pleasure it brings me to give that pleasure is immense! It turns me on. It is also a great way to show service and submission.
    I'd tell her to focus on you when she does this, and not your cock, maybe that way she won't think of it so much in an anatomical way, but rather as an extension of your pleasure (*pun intended* :P), an act of selfless giving (oh well i'm not so sure it's selfless in my case :P)
    Anyways, I hope you'll soon get her over that hurdle.

  7. There are certain assumptions that a dominant with a submissive can/should make, and I think you are exactly right in this assessment. You have her, she is yours, proceed forthwith with care and determination.

    And have fun.

  8. The impression I get from reading your blog is that her willingness and ability to suck your cock is the be all and end all. Radical suggestion, but perhaps you should stop dwelling on blowjobs so much and concentrate more on other things. Absolute comfort in her own submission and her own sexuality will hopefully, in time allow her headspace to change. Ultimately, you want to get her to the point where she LONGS to suck you, and doing so arouses her to the point of orgasm, but this will never happen as long as she thinks of it as a chore and performs under duress of any kind.

    If it is confirmed that her lack of enthusiasim is down to deep-seated issues from her past (eg religious opinions), then I should imagine that it is very doubtful that she will ever get past that point without some assistance. A sex therapist could be of assistance in that regard.

    As to giving her exactly what she wants during sex - does doing this turn YOU on? If it does then I really do not see what the issue with that is. If not, and it is purely for her pleasure, control her orgasms - they belong to you after all.

  9. @Shape shifter,
    Actually it isn't at all just about blowjobs. It's just that it seems to be a barometer of her giving me her best effort in everything. I know she can do a lot better, but refuses to. I can't really train her properly until she decides to give me all of her. If she can't do this, she is obviously holding back a part of herself. That is unacceptable.