Thursday, August 11, 2011

My latest story...

My slut loved this one. I hope you do too.


You kneel on a pillow before me. Still unsure about it, but you do it to please me. I approach you and bend to kiss you hard on the mouth. I grab you hair in my hand, wrapping it around my fist. I step back a bit and put my still soft cock against your lips. You open your wet mouth and take me inside. It is still soft, so the whole thing fits inside your mouth. You let my hardening cock lay on your tongue as you lick the bottom of the shaft. Once hard I begin to slowly fuck your mouth. Not going deep, but letting the bottom of my cock glide over your tongue as I slide in and out. I hold your head still as I push into your mouth like it's your cunt.
Once hard, I rub my cock across your lips and face. I reach down and pinch and pull on your nipples, making them hard and long. I grab the nipple clamps and place them on your hard nipples, I also get the flogger. Once clamped, I hook the chain over the top of my hard cock and have you suck me more while I flog your ass. 
I tell you to rub your cunt for me while I flog you. I give you pain while you give yourself pleasure. Pain in your nipples and on your ass, and pleasure in your cunt, all at the same time. I want you to crave my pain as you crave my pleasure. I want my pain to make you cum.
I flog your ass hard, making you flinch from the impact. I make your ass nice and red. Getting it ready to be caned. Helping you to your feet after pulling my hard cock from your wonderful wet mouth, I have you lean forward and place your elbows on the bed, ready to be caned.
I reach between your legs and stroke your wet cunt. You are dripping wet from getting your ass flogged. I stroke your clit, and slip a couple fingers inside you to make sure you are worked up and horny for me. I step back and begin to cane your ass, lightly at first. I begin to whip you harder as you move from foot to foot, trying to stand still for me like My good pain slut. I am leaving such beautiful welts on your ass. They will be there for a couple days at least, and I want you to feel them for awhile. To remember this night. I want you to wear my marks to remind you who owns your sexy body.
I grab the dildo and slide it into your soaking wet cunt and begin to fuck you hard with it.
"Cum on my cock, slut.", I tell you."Give it to me."
You moan and cum hard as I fuck your wet cunt with the dildo, and spank your ass leaving handprints. I want to give you pain with your pleasure from now on, so you learn to crave pain to cum for me. You get weak in the knees from cumming so hard, and I help you lay back on the bed.
I climb up and straddle you chest and have you press your beautiful, ample tits together for me to fuck them. I push up through your cleavage towards your wet mouth. I place a pillow behind your head so as I stroke forward between your tits, you can suck at the head of my hard cock. On each slow stroke, you suck the swollen head of my cock into your mouth, and stroke the underside with your tongue. Your mouth feels wonderful sucking me as I fuck your tits.
I feel my orgasm building as my balls begin to swell. I begin to stroke myself in front of your face, letting you watch my hard cock slide through my hand as I get ready to cum.
I ask you if you want to feel my cum on you, and you nod your head. You love watching me cum. I slowly stroke myself, letting the orgasm build slowly so I cum really hard for you. When I feel myself about to cum, I rub my cock against your wet lips as the first jet of hot cum squirts over your mouth. It runs down your cheek as another squirt shoots over the other cheek. I smear my hot cum over your lips and chin. You look beautiful wearing my seed and I gasp in pleasure as I finish cumming on My sexy slut's face.
I bend and give you a sticky kiss. You taste just a slight hint of my juices on our lips, just a taste.
You are glowing from your orgasm, and I am so pleased with you for being such a good slut.


  1. This time I've learned my lesson. I made sure I was standing DIRECTLY in front of the fan before I read your story....

    Nope, still way hot!!!

  2. HOT...I have to keep reading here.

  3. hot as ever William (only objection I have is about wasting cum like that *LOL*). You're really taking her places (at least in her mind for now).

  4. @sweet girl. I agree, I wish I didn't have to waste good cum, but she still won't swallow.

  5. i know i'm backwards, but i actually think everything but swallowing is disgusting. *LOL*

  6. And where do you live?...laughs!!!

  7. I know, dammit!!!...Just kidding Sweet girl.
    Thanks for reading.