Saturday, August 27, 2011

A good caning...

The lastest story I just wrote for My slut. I hope you all enjoy.


You bring me the cane, your hands trembling slightly. You still aren't in love with the cane, but you know I need it. You don't want to admit even to yourself that you need it too. You desire my pain even though all your life has taught you that good girls don't like kinky things. The little slut inside you is being awakened, and she likes a little pain.
I take the cane from your hands and give you a big smile. I'm very proud of My slutty little wife. You are learning to do things for my pleasure, and in doing so you get what you need. Right now I need to stripe your ass and you know it. You are giving me a gift of your pain.
I lead you to the bed and have you lay on your belly with your upper body on the bed and your legs hanging over. I put a pillow under your knees to keep any pressure off of them. I stroke and trail kisses all over your tender round ass. It is so sweet and I want to treat it nice before I mark it.
I stand up and ask you if you are ready and you nod your head. I give you the first moderate stroke, warming you up and letting you get used to the sensation. I travel from cheek to cheek getting a nice pink glow all over.
"Are you ready for the real thing?", I ask you. You know the hard lashes are coming next and you bravely nod again, not trusting your voice.
"That's my good girl.", I tell you as I kiss your ear and the back of your neck.
I stand back up and prepare to begin. I tell you to relax and just breath and you will do fine. This is to be your first hard caning and we both want it to be good. The first hard lash lands on the right cheek and you gasp a bit. It hurt but not too bad. The next one is a little harder but you can handle it. I go from cheek to cheek, gradually striking you a little harder on each one.
The stripes are becoming more and more pronounced as I progress. You begin to squirm and move your pretty ass as the heat and stinging build in your flesh. There are a few welts forming and I briefly stop and run my tongue over them, soothing the pain with my warm tongue. I can taste your pain and it is sweet to me. I reach between your legs to find wetness there. You are aroused even though you don't want to be. You don't want to be turned on by pain, but your body betrays you.
I stroke your swollen clit for a bit, making you moan and move your hips as you try to increase the pressure to get your release. I slip a couple fingers inside your juicy cunt and you gasp in pleasure. I can tell you want to cum, but it is not time for that yet. After a couple slow strokes inside you, I remove my hand eliciting a moan of disappointment from you.
I step back and resume the caning. Your ass is getting to be quite a lovely shade of red now. I can see you struggling to hold back. I lean close to your ear and whisper,"Cry for me My slut. Let it go and give me your tears."
Given permission to let go, the tears begin to fall down your cheeks. Sobs wrack your body as I continue to steadily cane your tender ass. It has such beautiful welts now. You will feel it for a couple days and I want you to. I want you to remember what I gave you, and what you gave me. I keep going until the sobs begin to level off as the release of emotion has freed you from your mental anguish.
I stop and start kissing all over your poor, striped little ass. It is tender and I kiss it softly, tracing the welts with the tip of my tongue. I then lift you up and lay you back on the bed as I kiss away your sweet tears. Your face is all wet, but you have never looked more beautiful to me. You are glowing in passion and pain.
My cock is steel hard from hurting you, and I slowly enter your wet pussy. Slowly pushing in until I am as deep inside you as I can go. I start to gently fuck you. Giving you pleasure in exchange for the pain you took from me. I look into your teary eyes as I fill you with my hardness. I feel closer to you than I ever have before. We are becoming as one. Two sides of the same coin. Without each other we are less than ourselves.
I pump into you until I feel my orgasm begin to get close.
"Cum with me, My slut. Cum when you feel me cum inside you.", I tell you as I gently suck and bite your nipples. When I feel myself about to explode at suck hard at your tit and release my load into you with a groan. As you feel the first hot jet of cum hit the inside of your pussy, you groan and begin to cum with me. I feel your cunt gripping my cock as I pump my juices into you. I bite your nipple making you gasp, and your pussy clench around my throbbing cock.
When we have both finished cumming I kiss you and hold you tight. Feeling our hearts pound together in passion. Our simultaneous release binding us closer together. I stay inside you until I soften and slide from your wet embrace. Your pussy a mixture of our juices as I lay there on top of you just enjoying our closeness.
"Thank you My slut. I love you more each day, and I'm so proud of how far you've come in such a short time. I'll make you my pain slut eventually.", I tell you.
You smile and say,"Maybe."
We both grin and get up to shower. We wash each others bodies. Enjoying the warm soapy lather.


  1. i hate the cane but i crave it too......i think i need to tell me HOH that i need a good caning again...its been a while....