Thursday, August 25, 2011

A good talk...

Last nigt me and My slut had a good talk. I was telling her how much I needed to cane her and leave welts on her ass. I told her about the strong sadistic feelings I have been having. She told me she understood, and that she wasn't frightened. She is going to do the best she can to take my pain.

It was a really good talk that aired a lot of things out. We talked about where I wanted her training to go and about what wearing my collar would symbolize to me. What it would entail on her part. She still is unsure about wearing it, but she isn't against the idea.

We also talked about her taking my cum in her mouth. She still isn't thrilled with the idea, but she wants to work on it. We talked about different ways for her to deal with the taste.

Back on the pain subject, she told me she is getting better about the cane. She still doesn't erally like it, but she doesn't stop me. She also said that she didn't use to like the flogger either, but now she loves it. There were a lot of good signs of where we may be going.

She told me she can definitely see herself being my pain slut down the road. I asked her if she was sure, and she said she was pretty sure. She believes she will be able to take the pain I want to give her in a relatively short time.

She has also repeatedly told me she hopes her bronchitis is over soon because she really needs some cock. She wants to ride me hard while I pinch her nipples. Her words...grins!!!

It was probably the best talk we've had about the things I want to do together. Quite a wonderful evening!



  1. yay so happy for you!!
    (But again; why on earth can't you have sex because of bronchitis??)
    i have a little wondering about the pain stuff too, but we can take that later -i have a monster to wake up! (And no not the snakey one, the sneaky one! :P Unfortunately )
    Again, happy for you, you're moving along :D

  2. Awesome! ^_^

    Though, agreed with Sweet girl, why should bronchitis stop you guys from having sex?? Have her take a cough suppressant or something and have fun! ^_^

  3. I'd be interested in how she'll get used to the pain, or grow into the pain. I always thought you were a pain slut or you weren't. I like a certain amount of pain. Not a ton, but enough to make it fun. I could push that a bit, but I don't think I could still be aroused past a certain point. Or, is the idea that it's not about her arousal at that point? I just don't get it, but I'd like to know more. I'm intrigued.

  4. Great news, William! As a Dom, patience is the number one most important quality. I have been at this two years, and though it feels like I've made no progress, when I look back at some of my earliest posts, I see how far I've come. It is so hard. Patience. Persistence and communication follow close behind. It should be our Bible--patience, persistence and communication, three things men usually suck at.

  5. @sublimeWifey,
    She now enjoys the flogger which she used to hate. I think that she is a bit of a pain slut, but is too embarrassed to admit it, even to herself. How much she will enjoy will remain to be seen. She may even become a heavy pain slut. She loved candle wax and the Wartenberg wheel from day one. Some of it is about me getting just what I need, but trust me she gets what she wants every time, multiple orgasms.
    Yes I have learned to be very patient. I've been practicing for over ten years in other areas of our marriage. We don't always shine in those areas for sure.
    Thank you to everyone for their comments

  6. little steps my fried little steps :) its a really good positive move in the right direction for for teh bronchitis - i have had it before now and if its a severe case she will not be feeling very give her a bit of slack there...
    good luck...