Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ride me cowgirl...

As we lay in bed you snuggle up to me. As I look down at you, you smile with a mischievous grin.
"What do you have on your mind?", I ask.
"You know.", you say. Too embarrassed to admit what you need.
"If you don't ask, you don't get.", I tease you with a grin.
"I want to ride your cock.", you say, still a little embarrassed by your words.
"Who are you?", I ask.
"Your slut.", you answer with a big smile.
I push you over on your back and put my hand on your throat as I kiss you. you kiss me back with the passion I've been trying to get from you for awhile. I lift your nightgown and take a hard nipple into my mouth, sucking and biting it until it is standing up hard. I move to the other and do the same. You moan at the feel of my teeth on your tender flesh. As I bite one, I pinch the other.
I reach down and feel the wetness already spreading in your cunt. You are beginning to love my pain and your body betrays you whenever I give you erotic pain. I rub your hard little clit making you squirm. I move your juices around, spreading it along the folds of you cunt.
I slowly slip one, then two fingers inside you. Feeling your heat and hunger. I fuck you with my fingers as I rub your clit with my thumb and bite one of your nipples.
"May I please cum?", you ask.
"Beg me, slut.", I tease.
"Please let me cum? I need to so bad. I want to cum for you.", you implore me.
I look you in the eyes and tell you,"Cum on my fingers slut. Give it to me. It's mine."
You arch your back and moan as your orgasm pulses through your cunt. I can feel it squeezing my fingers as I fuck you fast with them. Fucking you hard as you cum.
I let you calm down a bit, then I have to lick my cock from balls to tip. Running your tongue along the sensitive underside of my now very hard cock.
I lay back and tell you."Get that wet cunt over here and ride my cock, slut. Make me cum with that wonderful pussy."
You smile and climb on top of me. A shiver passes through your body as you sink all the way down on my hardness until you are sitting completely down on me. My cock buried balls deep in you.
You slowly begin to slide up and down on me. Enjoying the feeling of my hardness opening you up and filling you. I grab your tits hanging in front of me and pinch and roll your hard nipples between my fingers. I bite into the tender flesh of first one breast, then the other. Making my mark in your flesh. Marking my slut.
I love the feel of your slippery cunt gliding up and down on my hard cock. Milking me, trying to pull the cum from me. I slap your ass occasionally, making you jump and grin at me. I grab your hips and fuck up into your sweet pussy, giving you a few fast strokes like you love. I then let you go back to fucking me.
You have little orgasms as you ride me. Little spasms of pleasure making you shiver in delight.
"Make me cum, My slut. Make me shoot me hot cum into your hungry cunt.", I tell you.
You start to give me very determined long strokes. Squeezing my cock, looking at my face seeing the effect your cunt is having on me. 
I pinch your nipples and tell you,"I want you to cum with me. Cum all over my cock, slut."
As I squeeze your nipples I pump up into you and with a groan, I shoot my hot load of cum into your wet cunt, triggering your own orgasm. I feel your cunt grip my cock tightly as I stroke into you and fill you with my hot cum. We gasp together as our orgasms subside.
You ask me why I pinched your nipples while you were cumming, and I remind you that there is no pleasure without pain anymore. Next time I will flog your ass with the small flogger while you ride me.
I hope you like todays story.