Monday, August 15, 2011

Frustration X 100...

From bad to worse. My slut's period was a month late last month, well it's a week early this month so no heavy play for another week...Excuse me while I SCREAM!!!

OK, better now...Not really, but what are you going to do.

I am going to have her suck me off though. There is no way I can go another week without something. This can be a good opportunity for her to practice her oral skills more.

I certainly hope everyone else's week has started better than mine.

Have a good week.



  1. Poor poor William. Lol. You will survive.

  2. well then you should know what it's like from the other side! I'm super horny slut just before and during my period! And we don't get to play either! (although, well you can actually, a lot that can be done above the waistline too ;) and then it all depends on how squicky you are too ;) ) You can still clamp her tits. You can still flog her arse (and back, and tits and belly and well basically anywhere!)
    So basically only thing that is off limits is her pussy (again depending on how easily squicked you are).
    But yes certainly good opportunity to train oral skills -mmm so jealous of her!!
    (You can never "train" enough ;) ) I'm also very jealous of her floggings -please tell her that! ;)
    Make sure you keep your week good too William -mine didn't start too brilliant either (if it's any consolation).

  3. William--sorry I had to come back on a negative, but somehow I believe you will get what you need. Maybe just not when you need it. But guess what? That makes it all the sweeter when you do! Hang in there friend. It's good to be back.

  4. I didn't realize we get time off when we get our periods, lol
    I need to talk to my union rep.
    This too shall pass...keep the faith :)

  5. Um..William, you don't seem the squeamish sort, so what's the issue? Extra towels are the easy answer.

    I can personally vouch, plus it is medically proven, that intercourse will relieve cramps and that the hormone levels during menses make it an amazing time of orgasming for the female.

    If you can both purge those thoughts of natural processes as something "dirty" you can have an amazing time. Mother Nature isn't depriving you, sweetie, you are both depriving yourselves.

    Been there, done that, had a great time,

  6. Actually I don't have a problem with it. She says she gets bad cramps when she orgasms while on her period, and I have to take her word on it. We did talk today about me possibly cuffing her and fucking her mouth...We'll see...
    Thanks all for your comments.

  7. Oh there's so much you CAN do even though she may be averse to penetrative sex. Encourage her to never know, she might come around to the idea.

    Good luck!