Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My slut's response...

My slut finally read my last story. She doesn't usually read them on the weekend. She did today and here was the response she sent me.

This one I really like :) we haven't done that in a long time . I can't wait till I am over this infection so I can ride you hard !
Love you
Your slutty wife

She has bronchitis again. I'm a little pissed because she put herself in the situation to catch it. She has  aweak immune system due to her medication and she baby sat for her friend who's 2 year old daughter had a cold. I told her she was going to catch it, and she did...Geezzz!!!
I'm getting so tired of this. Her period last week, then her weekend meds, and now she out of commision for probably another week due to the illness.

I love her, but enough already.

I am thrilled with her response to my story and hopefully she will keep her word about it. I will have to keep teasing her about it and get her worked up so she's really horny when she feels better.

I am going to have her write me a short story and tell me what she wants me to do to her, or what she wants to do to me. We'll see what happens.



  1. sorry, but why wouldn't she be able to have sex because she has bronchitis??
    Glad she liked your story though :)

  2. That's just the way she is, unfortunately.