Thursday, August 4, 2011

More developments...

We were laying in bed talking last night, and I was asking her more about her letting me give her a hard flogging. She says that sometimes it makes her feel angry that I want to hurt her, but she logically knows that I mean her no harm. It's the old emotional baggage that makes her feel so. She is working on it all the time to let go of the old stuff, but as some of you know, it is an ongoing process.

While we were talking about me giving her pain, she said she still doesn't like the cane, but she loves the flogger. She then stopped, kind of smiled, and said,"I didn't mean to say that. I didn't want you to know it."

I smiled and asked her why she was still afraid to tell me what she enjoyed. She said it is just hard to admit to liking such things that "good girls" aren't supposed to like...laughs!!! She also admitted that reading my stories do make her wet sometimes...Yay!!!!

I will keep talking to her and trying to get her to open up more about her desires. Especially the dark ones she doesn't want to admit to.


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  1. YAY!Happy for you! I know about the difficulty in letting go, not of fear of not being a "good girl" -because i'm definitely Master's good girl *grins*- but from old emotional baggage.
    Ehum, think that P.S. was sparked by me *L*