Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Passive aggresive much...

Yesterday we talked about her giving me a blowjob last night. She said no problem, she could do that for me.
Well I take my shower before getting in bed last night, and she asks me if I still want it. I tell her of course. She then proceeds to tell me that she is tired and has a headache, and her stomach is a little upset so she doesn't know if it will be very good. She'd still do it if I really want her to even though she doesn't want to.

Before anyone says anything, she has done this many, many times. I told her never mind and rolled over to go to sleep. She told me not to be mad because she offered. I told her, why would I want her to give me something she didn't want to do and wouldn't make much of an effort to do well.

She mentioned that she needed a massage on her chest for tightness in the muscles. I reached over and very lightly rubbed the muscles, then asked her if that would be acceptable for her massage. She said that was different, but I told her it was exactly the same.

I wasn't really angry, just tired of this old game. I pointed out to her what she was doing. She has been doing it so long she might not even realize what she is doing. Maybe pointing it out will make her realize what she's doing. She is starting to understand more each day, and maybe this will be another lesson learned. I sure hope so.

Maybe I will get my blowjob tonight.

Everyone have a great day, and I still really appreciate all of your comments.



  1. Assuming you are reasonably certain this is what your wife was doing, maybe she was just having an off night.

    Fingers crossed that your eyes will be rolling in the back of your head tonight!

  2. I'm a little aghast at this.

    If she really was ill, then I am sorry.

    But to make up excuses to "get out of" having the honor of sucking her Master's dick?!

    I'd suck Master's cock after coming out of surgery if he had need of my mouth!

    I think you should insist on your blowjob... and add a few more blowjobs throughout the day/night in recompense, maybe even some punishment spanking.

    If you think she isnt being genuine in feeling ill, then you should deal with that.

    I dont mean to speak out of turn. Not sucking Master's cock - regardless of the reason - just seems so... wrong... to me.

    I hope things sort them selves out for you!


  3. My first instinct was that you should have said "Yes, of course you still wanted it". I'm rehtinking that. I think your calm statements to her were exactly the right thing. Hearing "why would I want her to give me something she didn't want to do and wouldn't make much of an effort to do well", I know my face would have been burning with shame after I thought about for a while. I wouldn't admit it to you, but that's what I'd have been thinking.

    Next time...don't let her get out of it. Even if she does a half assed job. If she does, no physical punishment...use your disapproval...make sure she knows how disappointed you are. That will work better for her than physical punishment.

  4. I am with OnlyHis on the idea of EVER having a reason or excuse to not suck my Master's cock. I tease Him often that He will need to tie me up and leave me in the corner to get me OFF His cock.

    I am frustrated FOR You, and I agree with how you handled it. The reason, in my opinion, that she felt the massage was different was that she was feeling guilty. and when someone feels guilty, a lot of times they will try and project that onto the other person.

    I know you feel you need to be so careful not to do anything to impede her progress. However try not to let her take advantage of your gentleness by still trying to control the situation.

    Hang in there sweetie. You're an awesome person.

  5. If only that was My slut's attitude. She actually hates it, and refuses to let her tongue touch my cock. Lips only...
    She gave me a blowjob tonight, but it was her typical "careful not to touch it" job...
    "It's so gross, the stuff that comes out"


  6. Well before I read Williams comment i was gonna say the same thing he is: I don't understand people being so aghast at her reaction (sorry), and I'll give my reasons.
    As William himself says: She hates it. The fact that she even consider doing it -because he enjoys it- I think is proof of effort.
    Now saying that I do love to suck cock myself -and yes i do love to swallow!- so I don't agree with her, but I understand her. She is also making an effort at ttwd, and from what i read she's finding it a bit difficult, so I don't people should be so quick to jump on her.

    I do feel for you though William, I do! Easier said than done, but be patient -atleast now she's offering (albeit with a get out clause! You just have tighten the (loop)holes a bit [hahaha god ain't i funny *L*]) Tell your slut it to imagine it as the best lollipop ever! ('cause it really is! ;) )
    P.S. I think you reacted in the absolutely most effective way. You made her realise that an half ass attempt is as bad as -or worse- than no attempt (maybe she hadn't really thought of it before). OK, i'll stop babbling now :P

  7. @Sweet girl - I fully admit that all I know about her is from what I can read on here. Sure I'm going to jump to conclusions, I have the luxury of sitting at a computer a million miles away and dont know this person from the woman currently walking down my street. Now I know she doesnt like it, then that changes things; but I didnt know that before :P

    William, maybe you've tried something like this already, but I'll put it out there anyway....

    What if you blindfolded her and had a variety of foods she likes the taste of, feed her some of the fruit/food (if she likes chilli, then your buggered :P) then after a while, put some of it on your dick and get her to taste it like that?

    Hell, you could even spin it out into a whole session - take her into the shower, have her kneeling in front of you and get her to wash your cock. Emphasis on how clean you are because she is doing it herself, lots of praise and promises of reward(s) for her effort in pleasing you. Then you can lead into the blindfold dick sucking/licking.

    Dunnno if its something you or she would be interested in... but at least having her try it would show her that 1. you are in charge 2. you know her likes/dislikes well and are trying to find a happy medium for you both.

    Maybe I need to suggest this - oh so subtly- to Master to try.... ;)


  8. I'm a bit shocked by her attitude.. but that's why you're training her!

    I hope things get better and you can get what you need.. and soon!