Sunday, August 7, 2011

A bit of a mis-step...

I made a small mis-step yesterday. I was wanting to find out if my wife would ever want to wear My collar, and instead of simply asking that, I asked her if she was interested in submitting to me...Ooops!!! Dumbass!

She looked at me and said that is what she thought she was doing, or at least trying to do....(tears now)

Well it took a lot of reassurance that yes she was doing very good at submitting to me a little at a time.
I later told her what I really wanted to know. She said she wasn't sure if she would be able to, but she wasn't totally against it like she was in he past.

I just wanted to show the wonderful sub women who read my blog here that yes, we Doms do step on our dicks once in awhile...Very rarely of course...grins!!!

I hope your weekend has been better than mine...   :(



  1. Hey I have realsied very recently that my Master can be a fuck-up sometimes too! lol

    It's part of human nature we are none of us perfect. I have been a willing sub for 20 years and still seek Master's approval and encouragement. If He is polite, respectful and loving and cares for my physical and mental well-being I am deliriously happy.

    Keep encouraging her, rewarding her when it's due, punishing and disciplining her and she will thrive on the consistency of expectations.

    Good luck and I'm loving the blog btw!!


    DY x

  2. As delectablyyours said, no one's perfect.

    Support her, especially over the next few days. Just let her know how much you appreciate the little things she does in her submission to you. It was a simple slip of words, so use your words to build her back up.

    Give her time with wearing your collar. That she is no longer completely against it is a very good sign! Keep treasuring every moment you have with her. She'll come to the dark side willingly in time! ;)

    ~kitten <3

  3. Only a little bit of a mis-step but the fact that she got upset shows that she's feeling submissive to you, that she's wanting to please you and know that you're happy with her progress. It's obviously not entirely pleasant; her getting upset but I'd take it as a very good sign :)

  4. You are moving in the right direction.It's not your dick getting in the way, it's your impatience.


    (of course if you really accidentally step on it, then we need pictures)

  5. Hope you stepped hard..just kidding! My man made a misstep like that one day. I wrote about it on my blog ("Ive Got Nothing") because it upset me so much. Completely rattled me. He said I had submitted 95% but he wanted it all. I didn't know what he meant, I thought I'd given it all. I submit to ALL twenty four hours a day..what was I holding back? Eventually I realized the issue was in him, not in me. He had some growing pains as my dom, and he deflected it back on me.

    It really wrecked me. I almost left for the day without permission but he promised me a beating and I stayed. Be careful of the words you say. A sub is very vulnerable to your choice of words.

  6. The most important thing is that you recognized and reassured her. Making a point of praising her for those steps goes a long way. :)

  7. I once again checked with her last night to make sure we were good, and she assured me that she was fine and understood what I meant to ask.
    Thank you all for your comments.


    monkey, you just want to see dick...laughs!!!

  8. William, us submissive women sometimes forget that you Domly men aren't Superman -but of course you guys fuck-up too! It's inevitable. But you reassured her, you praised her and most of all you communicated about it instead of just trying to smooth it over or disregard it/her. So even though you messed up, kudos for stepping up and owning it.
    And yes, I just as monkey wants pictures if you one day actually manage to step on your dick! LOL

  9. This is very hot and intimate. I love your descriptions and while this is all new for me I appreciate your honesty. Awesome! :0)