Thursday, September 23, 2010

her experiences...

So far she has had a few experiences that she never thought herself capable of. She has surprisingly developed an enjoyment of having hot wax poured liberally over the erect nipples of her large breasts. She is a voluptuous woman with 46DDD breasts, that have wonderful large nipples that I love to tease to full erection. She is still unsure of being tied up, but I have given her a chest harness a few times and tied her legs to the headboard. once. I made her a pair of leather cuffs a few years ago, and she is now beginning to get comfortable wearing them. She looks amazingly sexy bound that way. I have a small flogger that she is able to handle in small doses. A few nights ago she took her first, light, session with the cane. She made me proud in the way she handled it. Immediately afterwards she had a tough time processing what had happened, so I just held her for a few minutes until she calmed down. The next day she was fine and had no after effects from the session. I've pretty much shown her all of my desires, and now it is just time to slowly increase the intensity to the level I desire. We will take it slowly so she can adapt. I look forward to taking her on the road to my twisted, wonderful world. I think she will make a wonderful, sexy submissive. Her mind is beginning to open in ways I never imagined possible, just two months ago.

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