Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My initial post...

I am a novice Dom. I've been learning about My chosen "proclivity" for about a decade. My lovely wife has, until recently, been less than interested in joining me in my pursuits. After a tough and nearly cataclysmic six years, we had a blow-up that nearly ended our union. Upon reflection, my lovely bride realized the pain she had been carrying from her past and using to keep me at a distance. She has since let go of all that and welcomed me back into her heart.
The result of that, our sex and love life has become a completely different thing. She has finally let down her guard and began the long trip down the road of submission to her loving husband. It will be a long and sometimes halting trip, but she has shown a willingness to learn what she can to make me happy. I look forward to learning along with her, and relating the ups and downs of our adventure on these pages.


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  1. I have decided to start reading your blog from the very beginning. I love reading it so much and I identify with a great deal of what you write about. You slut is a very lucky woman.