Friday, December 24, 2010

The best laid plans...

After having a small misunderstanding last night, on my part, we had a productive conversation this morning. I had commented that she hadn't been very agreeable to any training for quite awhile. She explained and I understood. I asked her about why she hated the thought of being spanked, but didn't mind so much the thought of being flogged. Apparently she had a bad experience with being spanked by a family member years ago. It was on her birthday, but it was in front of friends. There was nothing bad intended, but she was mortified by it, and only just realized today that it might be the root of her aversion.

So this afternoon I sent her a little text that I was going to flog her ass and then fuck her hard tonight. We send each other sexy texts even when we are in the same house. It just seems a little naughty for her, and fun for me. She was agreeable to being flogged. She came to my desk later to give me a hug, and I told her I was going to make her sexy ass a beautiful red. She told me she didn't agree to that, and I told her I didn't ask. That made her smile and squirm a little.

Bed time comes for the little man, and out of the blue he says he can't sleep, but he will fall asleep quicker if he lays in our bed with my wife. Well he finally is asleep at 11PM. Much too late for My slut to start playing. She is a morning person, not a night owl like me. Well I put the boy in his bed, kiss My slut goodnight and tuck her in. She wants to try again tomorrow.
We are going to the in-laws for Christmas Eve to have dinner and open gifts. I'm going to try to talk her into going over there with a warmed ass. (fingers crossed).

We did have some sex yesterday, but she wasn't up to training, hence my mis-understanding last night. It was pretty much just vanilla, but I had her give me oral sex until I came. Not in her mouth yet, but she is working on it. She's one of those woman that have problems with it. Bad experience from her ex. At least she is trying to get to the point where she can do it. I did compliment her that she is getting better with her technique though. She gave me the best head she ever has. It was a challenge to hold back and not give her a mouthful, as much as I wanted to, and I told her as much. It made her happy to know she was pleasing me that much. Then I made her cum a bunch of times until she begged me to fuck her. I of course obliged, and pounded her very wet cunt until I came a second time inside her. She loves that feeling now. For years she didn't like me too, but for some reason, since we started the D/s process she doesn't want me to ever pull out. She especially loves watching me and feeling me cum in her while she is riding me. It makes her happy that she can make me feel that good. This is coming from a woman that absolutely refused to get on top, even though I begged her to for years. Now it's her favorite position. Go figure...

Now I'm going to go get my big flogger and trim down the tails. It's kind of a cheap one, and it is too long. I can't really get the feel I want, and I think if I shorten it I will get a better response from My slut.


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