Sunday, December 12, 2010

Better today...

Sorry for the downer of a post last night. I'm much better today after getting a little "pep talk" from a friend last night. I'm going to just work on doing some subtle dominant things. Working them into our daily life instead of waiting for My slut to give me a decision. Maybe she is feeling under pressure to voice her decision, and if I just go as if she made her declaration, I think things will be fine. I will always respect her limits of course, but if I just work as if she has submitted, she may realize after awhile that no decision need be made. We will already be living a D/s lifestyle. She has already stated many times that she will submit to me, but maybe actually saying the words are too intimidating for her. I will treat her lovingly as my sub, and I will act as her Dom to show her how it will be. That it isn't as scary as she thinks it will be.
My hunger is still there in a very intense way, but maybe I can sate it by just taking her in hand and controlling her in a non-threatening way. Have her be submissive in a way that doesn't frighten her. I think things will work out just fine for us.
Thank you for pointing out some things for me friend. Your insight is very welcome.


  1. William,

    This sounds like a great plan. The more she can practice submitting in small ways through out the day the more comfortable she will be during those more powerful moments you crave.


  2. I think this is the perfect approach, giving her the chance to see and feel what you are talking about. The actual experience is bound to be less frightful and intimidating than the words and images she has been reading.

    I think this will get you much further, quicker, and less painfully (no pun intended).