Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Play and communication...

Last night we got to have some alone time and some good communication. He had to go "talk" while our son played some computer games. When we have short time. I always use the Pocket Rocket she loves to get her ready quicker. As soon as it hit her clit, she started cumming. It happened so quick she forgot to ask permission to cum. I guess I'll have to come up with a punishment...Darn. She begged to be let off the hook because it happened faster than usual. I told her sorry, it doesn't work that way. After she had a couple orgasms, I told her my turn. She said, "You want me to suck your cock right?" This was actually a big step. I usually have to tell her. This time she just knew. I complimented her for that later. She also did a better job sucking me this time. She is still working past old dislikes for the act from her previous marriage. I told her she was sucking me like a good slut, and it made her giggle around my cock. It makes her feel good when I compliment her that way, even though it also embarrasses her a bit. She still isn't used to being told she's good in bed. After a nice blowjob. She begged to ride me. It had been awhile, and that is now her favorite position. I told her to get that wet cunt on top of me, and fuck me like a good slut. She certainly did. She came just sliding down on me. After having a few more orgasms she rode me hard until I had a great orgasm.
Afterwards we talked about how things were more relaxed since the pressure was off her to make a decision. She even told me she can't wait for things to calm down at my son's school so we can get back to her training.  She seems much more enthusiastic to learn what I have to teach her now. I can't wait for many more lessons.

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