Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On flogging...

Since My slut has agreed to a flogging I have been thinking about it a lot the last week. We haven't had time or the privacy to carry it out yet, but soon.

I will have her stand at the foot of the bed and place her forearms on the bed. I will stroke her sex until she gets turned on. It never takes her long. I've never heard of a woman being able to cum as fast as she can, and trust me she isn't faking it. You can't fake that much wetness. Once she is sufficiently lubed up, I will start with the small flogger warming up her ass. First one cheek then the other, Starting very lightly of course to build the warmth and to not frighten her away from My pain. I will gradually whip her harder while alternating sliding my fingers through her moist nether lips and sliding one or two fingers inside her. Her G-spot really swells up. I really want to see if I can make her squirt. I will continue lashing her sweet tender ass until I get a nice red glow going. Before switching to the larger flogger, I will once again push two fingers inside her and with my other hand I will rub her clit. If she begs to cum, I will let her. After she cums once and once only, I will remove my fingers and grab the flogger. I will once again start slowly and lightly, gradually increasing intensity. I will again take momentary breaks to tease and rub her soaking wet cunt. When she now asks to cum, I will stop and go back to flogging. I will continue this until she has reached her limit, whenever that is. When she has had enough, I will pull out my throbbing cock and enter her from behind. She is so tight in this position that I rarely last very long. For whatever reason, her cunt is extra tight when she is bent over. I will rub her clit as I fuck her until I flood her insides with my hot cum. This almost always triggers her to cum really hard. Afterwards I will have her suck our combined juices off of me. I love the feeling of having her hot mouth on me after I've fucked her and cum inside her.

I can't wait to make this happen. Should be this week...Hopefully!


  1. I'm sure she can't wait either :)

  2. We'll see if she is as enthusiastic as I am. I sure hope so.

  3. Definitely something to look forward to. Have fun. ;-)