Friday, December 17, 2010

Dinner tonight...

We went to dinner tonight. A rare treat, to celebrate the end of a long Holiday season at our son's school. After dinner, we came home and my wife gave me a BIG hug and said she loves me and is happy that the craziness is over. She told me she was going to bed early and sleeping in tomorrow to get some much needed rest.
She asked me if she was in trouble after she gets rested up. I smiled and told her she is in a lot of trouble. There is a lot of time to make up for, and a lot of training to do. I think there will probably be nightly training of one kind or another. I will definitely establish daily blowjobs to train her to not fear the act. I don't expect her to go to completion every day, but she will at least a couple times. I am going to talk to her tomorrow about the punishment spanking I want to give her. I intend to spank, flog, and cane her during my time off. Not all at once, but they will all make an appearance. She has taken all of them at times in the past, so I will just do it a little longer and harder than before and see how she handles it. I will keep a close eye on her reactions. There will also be quite a bit of bondage. She is getting better about being tied and shackled than she was at first.
I came up with a punishment for cumming without permission the other night. I want her to write to me why she thinks it is important that she asks permission. She hates writing things like this, but she needs to learn to communicate to me what she is feeling, and she needs to understand why I ask her to do things. There isn't a wrong answer. If she doesn't get the reason, I will educate her in it. I mostly just want to see how she views it at this time early in the process.
I think this will be a very good week, and really get us down the road a good ways to her being My sexy submissive. She is learning in subtle ways already. When she speaks to me in a disrespectful way, and I call her on it, she has immediately apologized every time without any argument at all. That is a very good sign. I read some blogs by sub women who struggle with that at times. Very normal of course. If she does struggle with it, she certainly keeps it to herself and trusts my judgement. Which is a very respectful and loving thing to do. I don't think she realizes how good she is doing. I think I need to let her know just how proud I am of her, and let her know just how far she has come, compared to where we started in August, on the brink of divorce. She told me she had actually gotten the paperwork to fill out. Her thought processes have made a 180degree turn. I think this is maybe what she always needed, but didn't realize it. A real man, not the immature abuser she was with before, to take care of and protect her. To give her boundaries and rules to keep her on the right path. A way to have a happy and loving family and marriage.
I spoke to my mother the other night, she doesn't know of our dynamic yet, but she knows of our difficulty before, and told her we now have an agreement that I basically run the household and things are happier. We discussed the fact that todays society has attempted to emasculate men and make them feel guilty about being a man. She knows about my older sister, so she may suspect about me by the way I was talking. She is very open about sex, so it wouldn't shock her.
Well, I've rambled enough tonight. Tomorrows post will hopefully be more focused and full of details about My sluts training.   

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  1. It sounds like things are definitely heading in the right direction. I think your idea to tell her how proud you are of her is an excellent idea. It is a wonderful thing for a slave/sub to hear that they have pleased their Master/Dom. It's feedback of the best kind!

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas present for you both. :) I'm really happy for both of you.