Saturday, December 25, 2010

Things not as they should be, but so close...

Well this week certainly hasn't turned out the way we thought it would. Between being tired, interrupted by the boy, and not feeling well, My slut hasn't been able to train at all, and fuck very little. Then to top it off, she has been on a bunch of antibiotics all month and as you ladies out there know what they can do to a woman's body, she is now out of commsion for at least a few days. Neither of is are very happy at all. Mentally we have worked some things through, but physically we haven't been able to do hardly anything. I look forward to New Years to get some things done. She wants to work on a few things, so I am happy about her attitude and her willingness to step things up a bit.

She looked hot as hell dressed up for me last night, but unfortunately I wasn't able to show her how she made me feel. I did make sure that I told her how hot she looked, many times through the night. That brought a smile to her face every time.

I mentioned that I wanted to warm her ass up a bit with the flogger before we went to the in-laws. She was all for it, but she just wasn't feeling up to it. Way too uncomfortable to even want to feel my pain. I didn't want to try it when she was not at her best. Not a good time to have her try something new and intense. No way to tell how she would react, and I didn't want it to be a bad experience. I look forward to giving her many floggings, so I don't want her first to be a bad one.

On a big plus side, My slut bought me "Secretary" for Christmas. We're going to have to sit down and watch it together. I think it will show her the beautiul side of the D/s dynamic better than I have described it to her.

That's about it for now. Not the week we had planned for sure. We are both very bummed. She told me tonight she was very upset about not getting all the cock she wanted. This is a very new feeling for her, craving my cock, and especially telling me such. What a change in four months. A change I am very happy about. I think it will be useful in her training. She will have to be a good slut or she doesn't get the cock she needs. Only good sluts get hard cock, bad sluts just get teased and brought close to orgasm, then told they can't. I think the new year is going to bring a lot of fun and passion, and many new skills learned by her. I'm sure I will learn a lot too. I can see us growing together in many new ways. Ways she never imagined. I see us getting closer and closer, and I see her becoming my wonderful and sexy sub.

Merry Christmas!!!

I'm up to over 2000 views. Wow!!! I'd like to thank all of my readers. It took me two months to get to 1000, and less then two more weeks to double that. I am truly shocked and humbled that all of you enjoy what I have to say enough to keep coming back. Thank you, and I hope to keep you enthralled with many more saucy and naughty adventures. Thank you especially to my followers for showing to everyone that they enjoy my writing enough to follow it closely. I enjoy returning the favor and reading about all of your adventures and trials too.



  1. William sorry to hear about all your frustrations but it sounds like you and your wife are really starting to make some leeway. I am a true whore for a nice flogging i imagine once she gets a taste she will find a new addiction not only for you but the flogger as well. i really enjoy reading your blog and the steps you both are taking together, so thank you for sharing. i hope she feels better soon so you can get back to things.

  2. William, no doubt both of you are feeling frustrated, BUT...that's a great thing! How terrible it would be if YOU were the only one feeling frustration. I'm really happy for you and happy that she is starting to open up more and that she is starting to enjoy all the pleasures this lifestyle can be, especially when she had a master devoted to her growth the way you seem to be.

    I can tell you from my incredible experience with my Master, that belonging to someone who loves you and wants it special for you too is an amazing thing.

    My congratulations to both of you. I hope she feels better soon.

  3. William,

    It seems like plans my Husband and I make often don't work out as well. But we do end up with some fun ideas for those moments when the planets align correctly and the kids go to sleep before we do.