Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I take her by the arm and guide her to the room. I have prepared it for my purposes. I will take what is mine tonight. She can resist, deny, but she won't. She wants and needs this even though her mind won't allow her heart to acknowledge it. She has always needed to be taken under control, but the right man had never tried. Now she knows there is nothing she can do to resist. She is lost, and found at the same time. I see these things in her eyes though she tries to hide them. To deny me access to her heart, or so she thinks. I will break down her defenses and take what is mine.

I strip her naked without a word, and she gives no resistance. Taking my shackles, I bind her arms behind her back. Her lush breasts pushed out towards me. Her nipples giving away her excitement. I can hear her breath coming out raggedly even as she tries to control it. She wants to deny her feelings to me and herself. If she admitted that she was a wanton slut, a submissive who craved control, it would tear down the walls she has built around her heart and soul all these years to protect her. She would be laid bare to my piercing eyes and knowing mind.

I turn her around to face me, and give her a deep passionate kiss. Tasting her need as she kisses me back with a passion she can barely contain. I drink of her submission and lust. I will tear her down and build her back. Better and stronger than she can ever imagine. I push her to her knees in front of me and unzip my pants. Pushing my throbbing cock against her moist lips, she momentarily resists, then I see the realization of what she must do come over her. I see the shift in her face and eyes as she relaxes and opens her lips to admit me into her warm mouth. She begins to suckle me tentatively at first. Then the lust seems to take over her body as she begins to swirl her tongue around the head and suck for all she is worth. Her head begins to bob up and down, deeper each time. Forcing me past her gag reflex, as if she needs to have me deep in her throat. Feeding her what she needs, giving her the life force she needs to survive.

I stop her as I feel the cum begin to build in my balls. I am not yet ready to give her my seed. She lets out a small whimper as I step back and tuck my cock into my pants. I help her stand and, turning her around, I remove the shackles. I reach up and grab the leather cuffs dangling from the ceiling and attach a wrist to each one. I attach the spreader bar to her ankles to make sure she is open to me. Nothing hidden or denied my probing.

Once she is bound properly, I pick up the light flogger. Time for a little warm up. I start on her sweet, pale ass, and soon have it glowing nicely with the stinging little flogger. At first she jumps with each lash across her tender flanks. Soon she relaxes into the sensations I am giving her. When they become too comfortable I move around to her front. I take out a second rope and bind her ample breasts. I want them standing up proud and ready for my lashes. Once they are tightly wrapped, and her nipples are jutting straight forward, I pick up the small flogger again and begin to torture her bountiful tits until they are covered with criss crossing lines. I pay particular attention to her sensitive nipples. They seem to grow even harder from the pain. I grab the nipple clamps and apply first one then the other. Causing her to gasp as I put each one on.

By this time her nipples are on fire and sensitive to the lightest touch. I reach down between her legs to feel that she is practically drippng. Her juices are running down the inside of her thighs. I plunge two fingers quickly into her hungry cunt, eliciting a deep moan as she bucks her hips. Trying to take me deeper inside of her. I pull them out, but she tries to push her hips forward to keep me inside her. I raise my fingers to her lips, but say nothing. She looks at me for a second, then takes her fingers into her mouth, sucking her juices off of them. This is when I see that her walls are rapidly falling down. She would never even kiss me before after I had gone down on her, now she was hungrily lapping her fluids from my fingers without a word.

I step to the dresser and grab the heavy flogger, and once again go to work on her round ass. I can feel the heat radiating from the tender orbs of her ass. It is getting to be a deep red, and I work down to lash her thighs as well. Making her grunt and moan with each strike. I look at her face and see tears begin to form on her lower lids. I stop for a moment and ask her if she needs me to stop. She looks deeply into my eyes, and shakes her head no with the slightest of motions. She is beginning to go deeper. I smile at her and tell her what a good slut she is, and go back to flogging her beautiful ass and thighs.

When they are the shade of red I like, I stop and set the flogger aside. I look to see that her cunt is drooling. Her juices are all the way down to her knees. I take my thumb and begin to pinch and rub her swollen clit. She almost cums instantly, but I pull away before she can. I quickly pull the clamps from her ravaged nipples, causing  her to inhale sharply as the blood rushes back into the compressed flesh. I gently suck the sore buds of flesh until the blood is back, then I give her a quick bite to remind her of what I like.

Finally I retrieve my favorite implement. The one she dreads most of all. The cane. The thing that I use to mark My slut. Her ass is well warmed by now, but I start gently tapping at first. Just giving her a little taste of my pain. I tap, then give her a hard smack. Leaving a beautiful welt across that tender ass. I do it again. Tap, Tap, Tap, Swish! The cane cuts through the air so she can hear it before she feels it's sting. I make welts at all angles up and down her ass and thighs. I then walk around to face her, and lightly tap the cane on her right nipple. It is still hard as stone, so it takes very little strength to make her jump. I alternate from one to the other, making her squeal as I torture her lovely hard nipples.

I can see she has about come to the end of her strength. I put the cane down, and beging to slowly slide first two, then three fingers inside her molten cunt. A guttural moan escapes her throat as her hips begin to move with the rythm of my fingers. As I fuck her with my hand I feel her getting closer and closer to her orgasm. The one I had been denying her all night. I can see the pleading look in her eyes. I ask her if she needs to cum. She whispers please. I ask her please what? She says please sir, and I begin to rub her G-spot  fast, and pinch her right nipple as hard as I can. Confusing her body with pleasure and pain at the same time. The combination overwhelms her body and her first orgasm rips through her body, releasing a scream from her throat. I don't stop, but switch to rubbing her swollen clit. She jumps from the contact as if she were shocked, and cums again. Over and over she cums as I switch back and forth from rubbing her clit and her G-spot. Clitoral then vaginal orgasm. Giving her body no rest. No chance to recover. She is panting and sweating, begging me to stop. I make her cum three more times before I relent. I have lost count of how many times she has cum, and I'm sure she has no idea. I force the orgasms from her body until she is spent.

I quickly release her arms from the cuffs and lower her to kneel on the ground. I pull my steel hard cock from my pants and begin to rub it across her face. Her face is slick with sweat, and now the pre-cum leaking from my cock. I am close from the act of torturing and pleasuring My slut. I feel the cum begin to build in me, and I begin to stroke myself as it starts to boil from my tight balls. My seed explodes all over her beautiful face as I jerk myself. She is too exhausted to help, but that is OK. I paint her lips and cheeks with my hot cum. It drips off of her chin onto her still bound breasts. and runs over her hard nipples. As the spurts subside I continue to gently rub my cock over her face. As I brush across her lips, she opens her mouth and unexpectedly takes me in. She lovingly sucks the last remains of my orgasm from me. I can feel it being drawn from inside me into her waiting mouth. I look down at her to see a contented smile as she nurses on my softening member.

I see it in her now. She has surrendered herself to me. She is now mine. Competely and without reservation. The walls are gone as if they never existed. She is now my submissive. My slut. All I will ever need or want. We are complete, and she will wear my marks always. Never will she be without at least one.

I gather her in my arms, remove the ropes from her tender breasts, and tuck her in bed. She will wear my seed on her face tonight. She will wake tomorrow knowing that she is mine. Her body is mine to use as I wish for my pleasure. She will be given intense pleasure as well, because I love to see her in orgasmic bliss. Watching her body contort in pleasure and pain. It feeds me to give her both. I need to taste her tears of joy and pain. It is what sustains me. I am a sadist, but one that loves to give pleasure as much as pain.

All these things I hope to do someday soon. For now they will remain a dream that I will work to make real.
I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thank you,


  1. William,

    I enjoyed your post. I thought it was erotic and beautiful.

    Valley Girl

  2. I did enjoy it--how vividly your desires present themselves to you...

    Love has many avenues of expression. I am fascinated by them all.

    Thanks, A.