Saturday, October 23, 2010

A nice afternoon...

I had a great afternoon on Friday. The night before I told my slut she was going to get a spanking when I came home for lunch. When I got home I stripped her as soon as I walked in the door. She tried sitting down in the rocking recliner, we call it the cock rocker. She loves to ride me while I sit in the chair, or like today, I fuck her as we rock in the chair. I can go really deep in her as we rock. Before she could sit down, I grabbed her arm and spun her around and started spanking her. I didn't get to do it for long since I was rushed, but I made her ass a nice pink shade before I pushed her down in the chair and started using her pocket rocket on her clit. She now has learned to let go and soon she was having one of her intense orgasms that make her cry as if she is in pain. I love when that happens. As I was pounding deep inside her, I told her that her body belonged to me, and me alone. She said yes, but it still makes her nervous to hear me say things like that. She still has that lingering fear. After we came together, very hard, we dressed as we talked. I asked her if she knew that her body belonged to me, and she agreed that her body is mine to use as I want. That was kind of a big step for her. She says she wants me like no one else she's ever known. She told me that she never imagined I could be so deep inside her. This rocker allows me to tilt her hips back farther and really push deep in her. As soon as I started fucking her, she started cumming immediately from the sensation.
I will continue to work on getting her to accept me as her Dom, as well as her husband. After ten years, I think I am finally starting to get the wife I always wanted. One who can take some pain, but more than that, accept me as her dominant. She does good as long as she's being stimulated while I'm doing it. She can actually take quite a bit while she is cumming, and since she can cum multiple times, it allows me to give her moderate pain for quite awhile. She loves having her large nipples pinched and bitten while she is having an orgasm.
Tonight as we drove, she was being sassy to me, and I told her she better stop or she would get another spanking. She said she doubted how she acted would affect whether she got spanked or not. I told her of course it did. If she was sassy, I would spank her longer and harder. Either way she seems to be getting used to the idea that she will be spanked on a regular basis. She knows it is just for my pleasure, and not because she did anything wrong.
I'm starting to see a real change in her thinking, and it excites me to see how far I can take her in her submission. I hope to write of many exciting adventures in the future, showing how far my sexy slut wife can go from where she started as a shy wall flower, who hated to even talk about sex. She now calls herself my slut and smiles about it. She says it makes her happy, and she doesn't believe it herself. If I had called her that 6 months ago, she would have been pissed and been angry at me for days. Now she knows I mean it as a great compliment. She isn't a slut, she is My slut...

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