Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another step...

I spoke to My slut tonight about stepping over her bounds. She still isn't feeling well, and tonight she tried to control me by getting me to do something I wasn't ready to do, by saying she would just do it. It is something that she knows I always do, but I just wasn't ready at that particular moment to do it. I didn't say anything right then, I just did it and waited until I was no longer angry with her before I brought up what she had done, and that it is not acceptable for her to treat me that way. She agreed and apologized for her behavior. I accepted her apology of course.
I talked to her more about her body belonging to me to do as I wish, when I wish. I explained that even under those circumstances, I will still respect her hard limits. I told her I wanted to have a one week trial where she submits to me completely after she feels better. I told her that I want to show her the reality of what I'm talking about. Not the controlling that she imagines it to be. Her first husband was a controlling abuser. I explained that I won't be prescribing what she does every minute of the day, just suggesting the kind of clothes I want to see her in, without specifically choosing what she wears each day. I do want her to start dressing more sexy and get in better shape. She has already lost a pretty good amount of weight and feels better, but she still has a bit to lose. Her first husband caused a lot of damage to her self confidence, which caused her to over eat. We are now eating better and we are going to start exercising when she is well. I want her to wear more skirts and dresses. I also love the way she looks when she wears leggings. Now that she can wear jeans again she has been wearing them all the time. I like the way her ass and legs look much better in the leggings, so I want to see her in those more. I will only control things out of the bedroom that relate directly to our sexy life and the way she looks and feels about herself.
She said she is willing to give it a try.
I am one extremely thrilled Dom!

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