Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's been awhile...

I haven't made an entry in quite awhile. My slut and I are still getting over a chest cold on my part, and bronchitis on her part. We have spoken about submission and trust on many occasions. She is still nervous about giving herself to me completely. After having a controlling first husband, she is afraid of that happening again. She knows I am nothing like him, but deep fears are hard to get rid of.
When we are feeling better, I plan on asking for a weekend trial of complete submission to me. Let her see what I mean with an end in sight. I have told her I am backing off a bit on the pain and bondage for a bit. I'm thinking it might be scaring her a bit. She may be focusing on that too much. Thinking that is all I am looking for in her submission. To tie her up and give her erotic pain every day. I want to show her that I need her submission in other ways. Even when we are having pretty much "vanilla" sex. Hopefully we'll both be back to full strength soon. I'm always open to suggestions or comments.

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