Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well a couple anyway. I had told My slut yesterday in a text that I wanted to stripe her ass, and she told me she would think about it. When I got home I let the boy play on the computer and went into the room to "talk" to My slut.

She quickly undressed and lay across the bed for her flogging. I started but almost immediately she told me I could use the cane for one stripe only. She said I better do it first before she chickened out. I grabbed it and began tapping lightly across one cheek before I gave her one hard smack. It left a nice little red line. She said it wasn't too bad. I of course didn't go real hard, just harder than usual. I told her I was going to give her another one on the other cheek and she nodded her head in compliance. I once again tapped lightly before giving her a little harder smack. She now had a stripe on each cheek. I have to say that I was hard as a rock after that and she noticed right away. Within a minute the first one disappeared. I was disappointed until it came back. I had never seen that, but they both stayed.

It was now time for the flogging. I gave her a good flogging. Back and forth between hard and soft until she had a nice pink glow to her ass. I finished by giving her about ten hard lashes. She asked if she could have her vibrator now.

I grabbed it and as she spread her legs I reached down to feel her cunt. She asked what I was doing, and I told her I was checking to see if she was wet at all. Well surprise, surprise, she was more than just a little damp. She was actually quite wet. More than I had seen her from a flogging before. I told her and she closed her eyes. She does that when she gets embarrassed. I asked if she was, and she confirmed. I asked what she thinks of when I am flogging her. She said she doesn't think about it at all. She doesn't want to possibly trigger old abuse issues. I thought that was a good tool for her to cope. She just let's go and feels it.

I told her that even though she may not admit to enjoying it, her body apparently does. This made her blush deeply. I told her that her cunt betrays her mind...Grins!!!

I gave her many strong orgasms before finishing up with a nice hard fuck where I shot a big load across her stomach. Like I mentioned before, she loves to watch me cum and feel it land on her skin.

Last night was quite a revelation seeing her body react like that. The flogging wasn't that hard. In fact she has taken harder ones without that kind of a reaction. Maybe the cane is what really got her going...Hmmm.

I'll have to tease her a bit about it today. I hope my feeling is correct. I love using the cane and marking her ass. I'll have to check tonight to see if the marks are still there.

What a great night!



  1. Sounds fantastic :)
    Looks like things are progressing nicely for you two.

  2. Sounds like things are improving!

    Great story, and I hope you two get to have even more fun with floggers and canes in the future ^_^


  3. There is nothing like waking up the next morning and seeing the marks, its makes me feel very sexy.
    I am happy for you both!

  4. Yay, I'm so happy to hear that. I knew she was going to get there or I was going to have to come over to your house and cane her myself. ;) Kidding.

    I am really glad she is enjoying it too. It makes a world of difference for you.

  5. Come on over Cherrie, but I think you would be the one getting the caning...grins!!!
    @ subbf, I haven't checked yet to see if the marks are still there. I hope so!

  6. There's something about a cane and the stripes it leaves that is very erotic. The sound of the passage of the cane through the air, the quiet but deadly sound of the impact; the flexibility and lightness of the cane; the way the welts swell up and change colour; the sharp intake of breath from the victim, the squirming - all that adds up to an Experience that is not forgotten by either one.

    The mark from a good hard stroke may remain for a couple of weeks, fading in the end to yellow before disappearing.

  7. Good to see you making progress. I know why you are taking things so slowly and respect that totally. However , I would not let the girl dictate when and how many.

    Today you should make her look at them in the mirror, then check if that makes her wet again .

    I hope things continue on this good path.

  8. @Nick
    Well the girl is My wife of almost ten years, and she is just starting to learn about the lifestyle. I am taking it slow because she has a past of abuse. I started the same way with the flogger just about a month ago, and now I can do it as hard and as long as I want because I didn't scare her by going too hard at the beginning. Eventually I think she will be the same with the cane. Unfortunately the marks didn't stay, but next time will be a little harder to ensure the marks stay. Hopefully tonight if there is time.
    Thank you for your comments.


  9. I think you patience in all this has brought you both a long way William and I'm so glad for you! :)

  10. William I totally understand your position. I think you are doing a great job and I spent a while last week reading your blog from the start so I do understand the history here.

    What you are doing works well for you, my comment was obviously just My feelings on what you wrote, certainly not a criticism.

    I wish you all the best and will carry on reading with interest.

  11. I figured that was the case, that you hadn't read from the beginning. I didn't take it as a criticism, I just wanted to point out the back story that I figured you hadn't read yet. Thank you for reading and all comments are appreciated. Even if I don't agree, I will always respect your view if offered politely.