Monday, April 18, 2011

Setting up future training...

I told My slut tonight that when her period is over we are going to start working on bondage. I love to tie her up, but she has trust issues. They have nothing to do with me, but she needs to get to trusting me. She was a little nervous when I said it, but she asked if we were going to take it slow. I told her of course, like we do with everything we are working on. She asked if she had to give an answer right now. I just old her I was letting her know what we were going to be working on next and left it at that.

Getting back to her oral performance last week, I told her that I keep wanting to brag to the guys at work about what a great blowjob she gave me. She started blushing really big time. I told her now I want it all the time it was so good, and that it was the best blowjob I'd had in a really long time. She told me her cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I think she is feeling a lot better about sucking my cock...Grins!!!

I can'y wait to have her hot, wet mouth back wrapped around my cock again. I so missed getting an enthusiastic blow job like I used to get so many years ago.

I can't wait to bind My slut too. I want to have her immobilized while I torture her wonderful nipples and tits. I also want to flog her ass while her hands are bound in front of her. The next few weeks are going to be so much fun!



  1. Hi William, I have not gotten a chance to go back and read from the start of your blog. I would like to and someday I will. I just have a question. I hope this does not come out judgmental as that is not my intention at all. Is your wife submissive on her own or is it something you are mostly into?

    Sometimes I feel like I am pushing my husband to be dominate with me. He is really good at it and he says he likes it but I find myself feeling guilty about it sometimes. He is a very passive person in his vanilla life and I am a very aggressive person in mine. It is such a turn on to see him in a role that nobody but me gets to see and that nobody would even believe he does.

    I am so sorry this is so long. I didn't mean it to be. Take care and thanks.

  2. It doesn't sound judgemental at all, and I appreciate the questions. She is not naturally submissive, at least as far as we know. She is doing this for me. She is beginning to enjoy things more than she would like to admit. I've been like this since before we met, but after we got married she refused to join me in the lifestyle. If you read back to the beginning you will find out about our near breakup that woke her up to how badly she was treating me and how bad she felt about it. She is now trying very hard to make up for a decade of mis-treatment. She is doing a pretty good job too considering her background. Abuse from a previous marriage. She is learning new things for my pleasure but I think she is starting to like it too.
    Thank you for your interest and I hope you do read back to the beginning to see how far we have come. It's been a rough road at times, but I think we are finally on the right path.


  3. I love to be bound, I hope your lovely slut is soon able to find solace in the comforting weave of the ropes.

    Velvet <3

  4. Miss Cherrie: Don't feel guilty about pushing your husband. You are letting him know your needs. Think of it as good communkication.

    And William you are doing a good job of training her and will look forward to your updates as you continue to have her hone her cock sucking skills and start doing bondage.


  5. Sounds like you're making a lot of progress! Can't wait to see how the bondage goes...^_^


  6. One thing my lizard does like is to be bound. I often bind her and blindfold her. I am planning on hog-tying her soon, but have been waiting for the right night. I hope you enjoy--be very very careful with her when she is bound--don't surprise her, get her agreement beforehand to all the things you will expect from her, at least the first few times. Then make sure as you work with her that you tell her, when you feel the trust level is higher, that you intend to throw in a few surprises. Good luck with it!

  7. glad things are going so well william. Just to let you know my address has changed. it's now Just letting you know. :) hugs