Monday, April 4, 2011

A little more info...

I wanted to give a little more background in regards to my last post where I got angry at My slut. I want to explain that I don't explode and start screaming and yelling. I rarely if ever even raise my voice. There is no need in my opinion, but she sometimes gets apathetic and starts reacting to me with that "whatever" mentality. The only thing that seems to get her attention is when she sees that I have had enough of the situation. This is what actually got us back in a better place than we had been for the last decade. As I have written many times, it took a big blow-up on my part and threatening to let her go that finally opened her eyes to how badly she had really been treating me.

There is not a written agreement between us. Maybe that is what I need to do to get her to really focus on her training. Maybe if she sees it in black and white it will keep her on track better. I didn't think it would be necessary, but I might have been wrong...Imagine the horror!!!

She has said many times that she really does want to take my cum in her mouth because she knows it is something I really want very badly. I have given her chances to back out and she won't take it.

On the plus side she has done amazingly well with the floggings. She has done so much better than I could have ever believed. I don't want every body to think that I think she can't do anything right. On the whole I am very proud of her and happy with her accomplishments so far.

I just wanted to clarify a few things brought up by Neo Dom. Thank you for the comments ND.



  1. William,

    I continue to read your blog and although I don't really know you, sometimes it feels like I do. Probably because I have had bf's like you. Silently disappointed, angry or sad.... The only thing I could say that I hope you hear is don't give up or let up. Keep pushing (doesn't have to be hard) and don't let it go because it's quite possible that if you do the relationship that you two weren't really satisfied with before will become the norm again. I would think that you actually saying what you want had a lot to do with the changes, don't stay too silent now, keep talking when you need too.
    I wish you two lots of luck, I know how hard it is to turn a relationship around and I haven't been able to do it personally.

  2. Thank you for the words of encouragement Naida. I do intend to keep gently pushing her the direction we need to go to make things work for both of us.
    I wish you luck in turning your relationship around. Are you in a similar one to me?

  3. oh no, my late husband and I kept trying to change things between us... for about mmm 4 years before I finally said, "this is enough" because we had both changed separately over the years and it was too hard to come together. I am normally an optimistic person, but when it comes to relationships I have always felt that once you think about leaving nothing is ever enough to hold it together.
    Like you, I am sometimes wrong even if I don't like to admit it. So I will continue to hope for the best for you two because more than I hate to be wrong, I love to see love work :)

  4. I know as a women (even a submissive one)sometimes I get wrapped up in things and need to be reminded what's important.

    She is fortunate to have you to remind her, to bring her back her back to center.

    Relationships are so disposable these days and you seem to have a good one, don't stop trying and dating sucks :)

    Good luck

  5. William--patience, patience, patience. I've been on this path for two years, and after lots of refusals and denials, I can look back and see all the progress I've made. there are things my lizard does routinely know that I would never have asked her to do three years ago. But it took lots of baby steps, some steps backwards, and lots of patience.