Sunday, April 10, 2011

An admission...

My slut admitted to me that she is starting to like the flogger. After I used it on her Friday afternoon, I noticed she was a little damp. When I asked her about it, she said she had told me she was starting to like it a little. Her answer last time I asked was, "I'm not sure."

So she was really just holding back on telling me last time. She told me she doesn't like the pain though...???
I just let that go. I thought it funny that she won't admit liking pain, when that is what the flogger is primarily about for me. We didn't have a long time so I gave it to her pretty good almost right away without much warm-up. She gave me a look a few times when it hurt pretty good.

I told her I was going to give her some hard ones, and gave her four really stout lashes. She did great and didn't even flinch or pull away. I think she is enjoying it more than she will even admit to herself.

Since we were short of time We just had a nice hard fuck. After I made her cum a few times with her vibrator, I fucked her until I was ready to cum. She asked if she could watch me make myself cum, she loves to see that. I told her if she cums with me I would. So I got her vibrator again and went to work on her clit while I stroked myself. When she started cumming I let myself go. I must have been really turned on, or just had more built up than I thought, because my first shot went all the way up and hit her right shoulder. It left a long streak across her belly, ample tit and then her shoulder. We were both surprised at that one. I haven't had a shot like that in awhile.

I haven't had a chance to talk to her about my change of plans yet, so I will do that tonight. I think it will take some pressure off of her, and make her more relaxed.

Everyone have a hot and sexy week.



  1. Congratulations that is quite a milestone.

  2. It sounds like it's going really well, it must have been a wise change of course.


  3. I guess for some admitting to liking a bit of pain is not so easy, sounds to me like she definitely does :)

    I was so surprised at how wet I got after my first flogging, still kinda question it now, not complaining though ;)

  4. Nice shooting, partner.

  5. I told her last night about my decision to drop the swallowing training for now, and that brought a smile to her face and she thanked me for doing so. When I mentioned that I wanted to concentrate more on the flogging and caning aspect, she wasn't so sure about the cane, but she said again that she has no problem at all with the flogging. I would say that she definitely enjoys it but still can't quite say she likes it. I told her we will take it slow with the cane like we did with the flogger.

  6. I found it very hard to admit how much I really do like pain and how much it arouses me.
    It has taken me a good six months to really confess that to Sir.
    I don't think its that unusual to have some reluctance about that aspect of being submissive.