Saturday, April 23, 2011

Play time today...

We finally got to play today and I made sure she felt it. I was nice and started out with a massage for her. Then the flogger came out. I started easy then gave her some good lashes. After she was warmed up I told her I was going to give her some good hard ones. I gave her 10 hard swats before easing up and stroking her ass with my hands. I went back to easy swats until she got a good little glow on her ass before I told her I was going to give some hard ones again.

This time I gave her 20 hard ones. Ten on each cheek before I stopped. She said that was all she could take and was about to ask me to stop when I did. I almost forgot, before I gave her the massage I gave her the hard swats she had earned for breaking the no panties to bed rule. So she started out with a couple hand prints on her ass.

After the flogging I told her I was going to use the cane, and she asked me to not do it too hard. I tapped all over her ass before giving her a harder lash. I kept going back and forth from cheek to cheek. Each time I would tap lightly then give her a moderate swat. I told her I knew what would sting and what wouldn't. She asked me how and I told her that I have tested it on my forearm to know how it felt. She asked me how hard I had done it on myself, so I showed her and gave my arm a couple hard lashes. I still have the stripes and I showed her tonight how they last, but don't hurt any longer. The pain is sharp at first but doesn't last long. She said she's not quite ready for that yet, but we'll see.

I finished with giving her one harder lash on each cheek, before I stopped and stroked each cheek.

She was now ready for her vibrator and as she lay across the bed with her head by me, and reached down and stroked her cunt to see if she was a little wet, and she was, before I started using the toy. It only took her moments before her orgasm came rushing through her. She barely remembered to ask for permission. I made her wait about 5 seconds before telling her cum for me. It hit her hard as it ripped through her body. I held her head up as she came over and over, tears running from her eyes as I told her to cum for me, to give me her pleasure. I bit and sucked her hard nipples as she came and I kept telling her to cum for me like My good slut.

Finally she couldn't take anymore and begged me to stop. I gave her a few more seconds of it before I pulled the vibrator away. I let her calm down a bit as her orgasm subsided. Once it settled down she asked me to fuck her. Being the gentleman that I am, I of course obliged her. I pushed her legs wide apart and lifting her ass up to me, I slid into her soaking cunt in one push. She gasped as I pushed deep into her. I leaned forward to push as deep into her as I could. I got the angle so my cock rubbed her clit as I fucked her. I felt her body quiver and I could tell she had cum again. Right after she asked me if I knew what just happened, and I told her of course. I can read her body quite well after over a decade.

I continued pushing deep and slow into her as my orgasm built. I pulled her body into mine as I began to cum, pumping my hot load into her. She began to grin as she felt the heat fill her. I shot quite a big load into her, it had been a few days and I had gotten quite turned on from flogging and caning her ass. I always get more turned on when I am able to give her some pain.

She ended up with quite a load running out of her, so I had to get her something to clean up so she wouldn't make a mess of the blanket.

I didn't get to take it as far as I wanted to, but I did push her limits a little bit. I gave her a couple moderate lashes with the cane. Next time they will be a little harder, but she will know about it before I do it.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!



  1. Sounds like things are coming along nicely. Reading your post I definitely feel the need for another flogging some time soon =)

    Velvet <3

  2. Sounds like everything went amazingly well. I am so glad for you. We had a really good night last night too. Must have been in the air.


  3. sounds wonderful :) and yes the flogger is one of my favorites too!...Have a nice weekend.

  4. nice. the bj progress is so hard to read about. i get frustrated. but the flogging and caning sound awesome. glad you have these high points.

  5. I'm feeling a strong urge for more floggings. I want to leave some welts on her ass as well. I feel a strong urge to let the Beast, William out to play.

  6. @Deb,
    I get frustrated as well for sure. I do hope she does eventually let go and just give me what I need. Thank you everyone for their comments.

  7. I love it when lizard gasps as I enter her. Great feeling, isn't it? She usually does that when I get a little abusive verbally, and after a nice spanking/finger fucking. I have to buy a vibrator, we don't have one. Only a dildo.

  8. I'm still trying to get My slut to let me use the dildo on her. Her ex wasn't very good with it. She just loves her Pocket Rocket vibrator. Right on her clit and she cums in about 10 seconds.