Thursday, April 7, 2011

A change of plans...

I've been thinking a lot the last couple days about my attempt to get My slut to take my cum in her mouth. This is something that is really hard for her. She told me just the smell makes her gag. I think I am going to back off on that aspect for awhile. Maybe bring it up later when she gets to a more submissive place and can acccept it more in her desire to please me.

The other day when we had some play time, she told me she had no problem with the floggings, as I reported here. I think I am going to take advantage of that and start working on upping the intensity of her floggings. I also want to start using the cane more and getting her used to that. I really love the cane. I like the kind of welts it can make. I think the best course of action at this stage is to work on her taking my pain. She has a very high tolerance. She can take hot wax and the Wartenberg wheel and actually enoys them. So I figured instead of trying to steer her towards something she is really uncomfortable with, I should really be taking advantage of something she can handle. Especially given the fact that I am a Sadist and she knows it. I have posted here many times that I want to train her to be able to cum from pain alone. I want to be able to make her cum by just telling her to while I'm flogging her. I know I can do it, she just has to let go and go with the training.

Just about any woman can make a man cum with her mouth, but not a lot of women can cum under the whip. The thought of that makes me very hard. Swallowing can always happen later. I haven't had a woman do that for me in about a dozen years, so I think I will survive a little longer without it.

So for now the focus will be shifted to more pain play. We haven't used wax in awhile, so I think I will bind her tits tomorrow and pour some nice hot wax on her nipples. A good hard flogging and some caning is in order too. Maybe I can leave some nice welts on her ass. I will sooth them with my tongue of course. The clamps will have to be used on her big sensitive nipples too. They are just made to be clamped. Nice and big, and respond beautifully to any stimulus. They stick out at least a half an inch.

I have to renew my marks on her breasts too. The bruises have faded. I love to bite them and leave bruises on the top of both breasts. She bruises easily which is a plus for me. I don't have to work as hard to make my marks.

So will My slut become My pain slut? We will see. I think she can be, and the thought really excites me.



  1. That sounds like a wise move... good luck.


  2. it sounds as if u have really thought this through, and have thought about he needs too....enjoy.

  3. William--it always amazes me how quickly things can change. This issue of cum swallowing may come up in some way you don't even expect. I think you are taking the right path!

  4. Thank you all for your encouragement. I realized that she was really struggling with the idea of it. She told me that sometimes it doesn't bother her, and other times it really bothers her just thinking about it. Going with something she is more comfortable with seemed like the right choice, and I'm glad you all seem to agree.