Saturday, November 16, 2013

slave tasks

Yesterday I had her write a dirty name I love to call her on Master's tits to wear all day at work. I'll keep the name between just us though...sorry...

It kept her very aroused all day to think of what was written there as she talked with co-workers. A naughty girl disguised as a sweet lady. she loved it so much she left it on for today as I gave her another of her regular tasks. Wearing a tack bra insert. she made it with some nursing pads with several thumb tacks inserted that jab her flesh all day as her heavy breasts lay on them. she makes a point to take the stairs on these days to increase the torture of them jabbing her as she pounces up and down the steps. she will also lean against her desk or a cabinet to increase the pressure. she loves feeling her Master's pain throughout the day...

Tonight she was having guests over, and before they arrived, she freshened up the lovely bruises on the inside of those luscious thighs of hers, and re-wrote those deliciously nasty words on Master's juicy tits. I also had her insert her anal plug to wear the first couple hours of the evening. There she was with her friends and family around her, a plugged slut slave. She said she was a wet and squirmy mess all evening, knowing what a dirty slut she was being with no one the wiser.

Tonight for the first time I had her sleep in rope cuffs all night. she awoke a few times when she tried to move, but she loved feeling Master's bindings and control over her, and would fall back to contented sleep...
she hopes to try to wear them around the house for several hours some time when she has the privacy. To see how she could do everyday things while cuffed...My slave makes me so damn proud with her dedication and devotion to please her Master...

I love that sexy bitch



  1. Such a lovely read..... I am proud of her too. That she dares to do all that and take the pain for you.
    Thank you

  2. Thank you ara. she is a very devoted slave. Quite a sexy slut too...smiles...she will do anything to please Master...