Thursday, October 10, 2013

Long time away...

I've been gone a long time. I 've been a little busy. The reason I've been busy is that I've taken an LDR slave. I've been with her two years this December. she is blossom of The mis-spelling is how it is on the blog.  I had enough of my wife's BS, and went to someone who'd treat me right. she has in ways I never imagined. If I have any readers left, I hope you understand. If not, I can't help that...

Take care all, and maybe we will start a new blog to document our experiences.



  1. You're in my feed. I'll read what ever you write :)

    (my word verification was isubblog, I kid you not)

  2. huge smiles...Your girl is honored to be Your slave Master...

    blossom x

  3. Congrats you two, so glad to see happiness at long last..

  4. Nothing to worry about, Sir William. We still have you in our feed -at least I do- and hope to read more. Congrats to you and blossom! :)

    Hugs & kisses,

    p.s. If you do start a new blog, I will read it. I like your posts.

  5. Thank you to everyone who wished us well. I will probably start posting here more to talk about our experiences now that we've come out into the open. We've had some fun and wicked times.