Saturday, February 9, 2013

Of service for Master...

I'm working on part 2 of my last story, but this short one came into my head last night and I wanted to get it written down. Enjoy!!!!


she came home to find her Master not there. This was unusual this time of day, but she found a note on the table in the foyer. she was instructed to dress as the most wanton slut. she was to wear her black pencil skirt,  a button down blouse that she could leave unbuttoned to show off Master's large tits and the bra that showed off her cleavage the best. No panties of course since she was in a skirt and her highest high heels. Her make-up was to be done in the sexiest way she could to really draw attention to how hot she was, and to top it all off was her cock sucker red lipstick. she was going to be a stunner tonight.she was to get ready, then there was a second letter in the bedroom to be read afterward.

Once she was dressed and made up to slutty perfection, she opened the other envelope.

"My slut slave. Tonight you will go to the pub, and find a sexy young man that is alone and strikes your fancy. you will approach him and start flirting. Get him to buy you a drink. Once you have his attention, you will whisper in his ear that you are an owned slave, and that your Master has instructed you to find a sexy young man, and he was the one you chose. If he agrees to behave himself and just stand still with his hands behind his back, you are to take him outside to the parking lot where you will find a secluded spot, and you will give him the best handjob he's ever gotten. I will be watching, but you won't see Me. Make sure he knows that as well to keep him behaved. you will jerk him until he shoots his hot load all over Master's tits, then you will rub it in, give him a kiss on the cheek, and send him on his way with a smile on his face."

she was shocked, but also aroused by the time she finished reading the note. she knew there was no refusing His orders, so she checked her make-up one last time and headed out.

The pub was semi-crowded, but not too bad. she sat down and began to look around. Soon she saw him. Attractive and quiet, having a beer by himself. she smiled and moved to sit behind him. He looked over as she sat down, and she gave him her most seductive smile. He smiled back and offered to buy her a drink. she told him what she wanted and they had a drink together.

"Would you like another?", he asked her.

"I have a better idea.", she said with a smile. she leaned over and began whispering in his ear what her Master had instructed her to say. His eyes widened as she told him her offer. He leaned back at the end with his mouth slightly agape.

"Are you serious?", he asked, and she assured him she was.

"You'll have to behave though.", she warned him. "Master doesn't take to men mistreating His property, and would treat you roughly if you crossed him."

He broke out in a big grin, and said,"I'll keep My hands to myself."

she took him by the hand and led him out to the parking lot. In a corner of the lot there was a shadowy area. she saw it and led him there. Pushing his back against the wall, she squatted in front of him, her skirt riding up to expose her dripping cunt. she was incredibly turned on knowing she was doing this for Master, and that He was watching from somewhere near. Unseen, but there.

she undid his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His long, thick cock was already straining against his underwear. It was an impressive member, nearly as long, but not as thick as her Master's. There was a wet spot on the cloth that covered the head, and she unconciously licked her lips as she looked up at him and smiled. She reached inside his underwear and released the throbbing member.

she could feel the heat radiating from the turgid flesh. His pulse apparent in her hand. she squeezed his cock and pre-cum oozed from the tip. she smeared it around and began to slowly pump his shaft with her hand. He let out a quiet moan of pleasure as he looked down at her. She spit on his cock to lube it up. Her hand stroking in first long, slow strokes, then short fast ones. Bringing him to the brink, then slowing to let him cool down.

she let her fingers trail down to between her legs as she pumped his hard rod. she was dripping, and there was even a small puddle forming on the asphalt beneath her....she slid a couple fingers inside herself and used her juices as lube for his cock.

Feeling her hot juice on his cock was too much for him, and she could feel his cock swell in preparation of his impending orgasm. she pulled her blouse open and pointed his cock directly at her cleavage. With a grunt, he let loose the first mighty blast of hot cum. He was young and full of seed, and each subsequent blast coated her heaving breasts. It seemed endless as with each stroke of her hand another squirt sprayed her down.

Her tits and blouse were a wet, sticky mess by the time he finished cumming all over her. she had been rubbing her clit furiously as he came on her, but she knew better than to cum without Master's permission. Once he was done and his breathing started to return to normal, she stood in front of him, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and walked away to leave him standing there dazed but grinning like a fool as he slowly tucked himself back into his pants.

As she walked across the parking lot, she was suddenly grabbed from behind and pushed against a car, face down over the hood. she was about to scream when she heard his voice tell her to be quiet slut. Her skirt was yanked up, and hid hard cock was plunged roughly into her sopping cunt. He went balls deep in one hard plunge she was so wet. He was in no mood to be gentle either. He was passionate and raging with hungry desire. He pounded into her with an animal desire. The car rocking beneath them as he plowed into her. she could feel herself rushing towards an orgasm, but almost as if he could read her mind, he growled at her.

"Don't you cum slut.", a tone in his voice leaving no doubt who was in charge and that she wouldn't be cumming tonight. He pulled out and pushed her to her knees. "Open wide slut.", he growled, and almost before she could open her mouth, he blasted his hot load across her ruby lips and cheeks. Dripping down her chin to her already sticky cleavage. It was the biggest load he had shot in a long time, he was so aroused at the sight he watched earlier.

Once he was done shooting his copious load in her mouth and on her tits, he shoved his cock into her mouth for her to clean it of every drop as she was trained.

"Now go enjoy another drink in the bar, slave.", he told her as he zipped up and began to walk away."See you at home in 30 minutes and not a second sooner."

she thought, what a bastard. Making me go back in the bar sticky and smelling of cum. Then she smiled a very big smile and fairly skipped into the bar. she had pleased Master, and that always made her giddy as a school girl...


  1. well done! this got me going quite a bit! ;)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Tammy


  3. wow a hot story William got me going too!!!

    blossom x